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Immunization Requirements for UK Students with Clinical Responsibilities

University Health Service (UHS) welcomes University of Kentucky health science college students to our clinic. These compliance requirements have been established to protect health care providers as well as their patients during clinical encounters. These requirements reflect CDC guidelines and UK HealthCare policies.

If you have a medical contraindication to one or more of the vaccine requirements, please provide UHS with documentation from your primary care provider. You will also be asked to fill out a vaccine declination form regarding your inability to be vaccinated. This form will be reviewed by the Medical Director at UHS and your program.

Deadlines for completion of compliance are set by the individual colleges.

The following are required for all students involved in clinical activities: 

  • Compliance Forms

    Compliance forms are issued by University Health Service (UHS) only after all requirements are satisfied. You should start gathering your vaccine documents now.

    Step 1: Once you have all your immunization documents, log into the student portal and complete the compliance prep worksheet. The worksheet (found under forms) is a tool created to assist you with identifying your status in the compliance process.  It also notifies staff to begin working on your compliance form.

    Step 2: Upload your vaccine/TB records into the student portal.

    Step 3:  Monitor your uky email for communication from the nurses concerning compliance issues. A nurse will email you only if there are missing requirements or other problems with your documentation. Once all requirements are met, your compliance form will be sent to the student portal. You may receive an “automatic courtesy” email notifying you that your compliance form is now available.

    Step 4:  Login to the student portal and click on messages to find and print your compliance form. Please make it a pdf.

    Step 5:  Find out how your college manages compliance forms. Check with your college for their preference. If your college uses an independent website vendor, (i.e. Castlebranch, Verified, or Rx Preceptor) you are now ready to upload your form. If your college does not use a vendor, your form goes to the student affairs office either paper or electronically. 

  • Tuberculosis Screening

    New health science college students are required to complete an initial two-step TB skin test or equivalent (IGRA).*  If you have had a TB test within the last year, please bring a copy of the results with you to your appointment.

    Upperclassmen must complete a TB skin test or IGRA test on an annual basis.

    Documentation of a negative Mantoux TB skin test is accepted from other institutions and must include (1) date given, (2) date read, (3) reading in millimeters, (4) name of facility and credentials of person administering and reading test. If known history of positive TB test or IGRA test, documentation must include date of reading in millimeters and chest X-ray. If these records are unavailable, UHS requires a two-step TB skin test or equivalent IGRA. Students with a positive PPD will participate in annual TB screening by answering a TB questionnaire. 

    College of Nursing requirements differ; please check with program.

  • MMR

    Proof of immunity to rubella, rubeola and mumps is required. One of the following may be used as documentation:

    • Documentation of two MMR vaccines with the first dose at 12 months of age or older.
    • Documentation of rubella, rubeola and mumps disease diagnosed by a healthcare professional.
    • Documentation of protective rubeola, rubella and mumps titers. 
  • Hepatitis B

    A series of three injections at recommended intervals. Documentation of a protective Hepatitis B surface antibody titer is recommended, but not required.

  • Varicella

    Proof of immunity to varicella by one of the following:

    • Positive antibody titer.
    • Documentation of two varicella vaccines with the first dose at 12 months of age or older.
    • Documented of varicella or shingles disease diagnosed by a healthcare professional. 
  • Seasonal Influenza

    One dose of the seasonal influenza vaccine is required if a student is present in a UK HealthCare facility at least one day during designated influenza season (October 1 – March 31 each year) . This requirement will not be reflected on your Compliance Form.