Eligibility for UHS Services

All students at the University of Kentucky are eligible to use the University Health Service for their health care. All University of Kentucky full-time students pay a mandatory Health Fee as part of tuition which entitles them to most services at University Health Service at minimal cost.

Call 859-323-2778 for a UHS appointment.

Part-time students may elect to pre-pay the Health Fee to entitle them to receive the same covered benefits as full-time students or they may use the University Health Service on a fee-for-service basis. Part-time UK students may pay the fee at the Student Billing Office in the Funkhouser Building.

Graduate students who are not registered in classes but are actively engaged in research leading to a degree are eligible to use the University Health Service and can pay the Health Fee. These students may be asked to obtain verification of their status from their department chairperson, dean or academic advisor each semester.

Students who have graduated and have a record on file are eligible to be seen in that clinic at UHS on a fee-for-service basis for one semester following graduation. (e.g. - students who graduate in May may be seen during the following summer months; students who graduate in August may be seen during the following fall semester; students who graduate in December may be seen during the following spring semester.) During this period, former students should arrange to have their medical records transferred to their new physician.

Spouses of all eligible students who are not students themselves may be seen at University Health Service for all services on a fee-for-service basis except behavioral health visits. They must present their spouse's student ID to receive treatment. Children and other family members are not eligible.

J-Scholars and ESL students who have purchased the student insurance plan are eligible to be seen on a fee-for-service basis. 

BCTC Students

Bluegrass Community and Technical College students Bluegrass Community and Technical College students enrolled at Bluegrass Community and Technical College (at the Cooper, Regency or Winchester campuses) may receive services through University Health Service under these guidelines: Participating and eligible campuses include: Cooper, Winchester, and Regency only. Any BCTC student attending any of these campuses can be seen on a fee-for-service basis (charges range depending on the visit type). Any BCTC student who is enrolled in at least six hours of traditional in-classroom hours may purchase the Health Fee for that semester, which would cover the cost of unlimited visits at UHS. BCTC students who are interested in purchasing the Health Fee may do so online at the E-Store at https://iweb.uky.edu/ukestore/. Students who are enrolled strictly in correspondence courses are ineligible to purchase the Health Fee and cannot be seen at UHS. BCTCS high school students are not eligible to be seen at UHS. BCTC students must present a current BCTC ID at time of visit. 

Treating Minors

Minors have statutory authority to consent for certain treatment at University Health Service. For all other issues, by Kentucky law, students under 18 years of age cannot be treated at the University Health Service without parental consent. Parents are advised to download, sign and mail the form below before the beginning of a semester or before the student seeks medical care. 

Summer Session

The University Health Service is available for health care during the summer. The Health Fee is voluntary for most students in the summer. To use the Health Service, registered students must pay the summer Health Fee or pay on a fee-for service basis.