For Parents/Guardians

Why Choose UHS?

  • Office visits are covered under the mandatory Health Fee
  • UHS offers all of the recommended vaccinations for students
  • UHS clinicians understand the unique health needs of students and can coordinate with other campus resources

The board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors, and professional staff at UHS provide high-quality care.

Consent for Treatment of a Minor

Kentucky law requires students less than 18 years of age to have parental consent before University Health Service can provide treatment except in emergencies. Parents of minor students can eliminate inconvenience to underage students by completing these forms:

Please call: 859-323-5823 ext 8-3211 with questions about minor students.

The Consent to Treat Minor form and Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices should be mailed or faxed to:

University Health Service Building
830 S. Limestone
Lexington KY 40536-0582
Fax 859-257-8708

Am I Covered?

The best answer we can give is "maybe." We recommend that parents contact the health insurance company to inform them that their student will be attending the University of Kentucky and inquire about any coverage issues.

Students need to have their own insurance card and bring it with them to facilitate quick pre-certifications for referral appointments, emergency room visits and treatment not provided by University Health Service.

What to Send with Your Student

Here are some helpful items to send with your student when he or she leaves for college.

  • Up-to-date copy of immunizations
  • Insurance card (or copy) - both insurance and prescription cards - carry with you at all times.
  • Know: allergies, chronic health conditions, current medications
  • Emergency contact number
  • Name and address of home physician

These can give a medical provider in case your child needs to be treated for any reason.