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Diabetes Treatment

Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center

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The UK Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center is a multidisciplinary center designed to provide medical management in every area of your diabetes as well as educational support to assist you in implementing lifestyle changes. Our education program is recognized and accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

At the center you will learn about:

  • Weight management through healthy eating; counting carbohydrates, labels reading, healthy recipes, tips for eating out
  • Monitoring your blood glucose and understanding fluctuations
  • Administering and adjusting your medications
  • Initiating exercise in your lifestyle
  • Reducing your risk for diabetes and complications

Visit Us at Our New Location

The UK Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center has moved from Kentucky Clinic to a new, state-of-the-art facility within UK HealthCare at Turfland, located on Harrodsburg Road in Lexington.

  • Mission

    The Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes Center offers comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans to support the primary care provider in managing the care of patients with diabetes. The services offered include:

    • Consultation with expert diabetologists.
    • Coordination of care for diabetes complications screening and management.
    • Comprehensive patient education plans.

    Our goal is to work with the referring provider to provide support and assistance as needed. For patients requiring intensive management such as patients using insulin pumps, patients with type 1 diabetes, and patients with challenging diabetes issues we will provide in-depth care on an ongoing basis.

    See also:

  • Diabetes education

    Diabetes education is available to all patients treated for diabetes through the UK HealthCare Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. The focus of the program is personal goal setting and the development of strategies to help you achieve your goals.

    The Barnstable Brown Diabetes Education Program is managed by Certified Diabetes Educators. Patients are enrolled in the education program through their scheduled appointments at the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center.

    For more information please contact Beth Holden, RN, MSN, CDE or Sheri Legg, MS, RD, CDE at 859-257-1693.

    A variety of topics and management options are covered; including but not limited to:

    • Nutritional Management: Individualized eating programs tailored to your lifestyle, habits and medications
      • Intensive carbohydrate counting
      • Generalized healthy eating principles
    • Blood glucose monitoring: Instruction in the use of the appropriate device for each person's needs and abilities
      • Record keeping techniques
      • Data analysis to assist with medical plan
    • Medication administration: Development of medication plans to effectively meet blood glucose goals
      • Incorporation of the newest technologies: pills, injections, pens, pumps and sensors
    • Exercise planning: Integration of exercise into your lifestyle to impact diabetes control
    • Complication prevention and management 
    • Traveling guidelines 
    • Sick day management 
  • Contact us

    John Fowlkes

    John L. Fowlkes, MD   
    Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology 
    Director, Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center 
    Contact Number 859-323-5407

    Shawn Crouch

    Shawn Crouch, MPH
    Service Line Administrator, Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center 
    Contact Number 859-323-5407

    Laura Hieronymus

    Laura Hieronymus, DNP, MSEd, RN, MLDE, BC-ADM, CDE, FAADE
    Associate Director, Education & Quality Services, Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center
    Contact Number 859-323-5407

    Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor, BS
    Practice Manager III, Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center
    Contact Number 859-323-5407

    Jessica La Rue

    Jessica La Rue, BS
    Administrative Support Associate I, Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center
    Contact Number 859-323-5407


    Jolene Ruble
    Staff Support Associate II, Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center
    Contact Number 859-323-5821