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Each year, more than 10,000 adult and pediatric patients benefit from the services available through the UK Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. Our UK HealthCare team of outstanding physicians, advanced practice providers, diabetes care and education specialists, and staff provides our patients with the care, education and resources they need to build confidence and learn to successfully manage their condition.

By taking control of their diabetes, patients can manage their health and lead fulfilling and active lives.

We celebrate successes with our patients at UK Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center every day. Here are some of their highlighted stories.

Patient Stories

fred's story"It's not magic," it's choosing to change

Fred Wohlstein made a choice to change his health and his life.

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dillon's story

“My goal was to walk by the wedding”

Dillon Marsh inspires through Type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

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lisa's story

“I wanted to recover the right way”

Innovative insulin pump gives Lisa Conley more freedom.

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jc's story

Runs in the Family

JC Middleton's family confronts diabetes with help from UK.

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amberlee's story

“No one talks about gestational diabetes.”

In 2015, Amberlee Fay was pregnant with her first child when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes—a type of diabetes found in pregnant women who did not have diabetes before their pregnancy.

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roger's story

“If I can get one person to commit..”

Roger Chui was diagnosed with diabetes when he was in college. “Diabetes is a genetic disease, but it’s also a disease of lifestyle.”

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audrey's story

“I can do anything except make insulin”

Nine-year-old Audrey had been feeling off for months, but her hometown doctors chalked it up to viruses or other issues. So when Audrey’s new doctor called at 9:30 at night telling them Audrey’s labs indicated that she was a Type 1 diabetic—and that her numbers were critical—it was a shock.

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