Prenatal Care

Having a healthy, safe pregnancy starts with prenatal care. Prenatal visits begin when you suspect pregnancy or find out you are pregnant, and they continue for the next nine months or until birth. Your prenatal care doctor or midwife will give you a visit schedule to follow based on your age, any medical conditions you may have and whether or not you are at high risk for complications. On average, pregnant women have prenatal care checkups:

  • Monthly, during 4 to 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Once every two weeks, during 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weekly, from 36 weeks of pregnancy to birth

During this new and exciting stage of life, you’ll want to find a trusted prenatal care provider to assist you along the journey. The obstetrics and gynecology specialists with the UK HealthCare Women’s Health OB-GYN program and the UK Midwife Clinic provide compassionate support while ensuring you and your baby stay as healthy and well as possible.

Prenatal Care Services

Research shows numerous benefits of prenatal care for both a mother and baby. Women who attend regular prenatal appointments have babies at a healthier birth weight. There is also a reduced chance the baby dies in the womb.

Here is what you can expect at your appointment:

  • Early detection of pregnancy-induced health problems, including high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Education about preparing your body for birth
  • Determine a due date and track healthy fetal development
  • Guidance on healthy behaviors to follow to avoid preterm birth, including taking folic acid to prevent birth defects, skipping alcohol and smoking, and making sure your medications are safe to take during pregnancy
  • Important prenatal testing, including ultrasound exams, blood tests for anemia and infection, and urine tests to check for preeclampsia

Why Choose UK healthCare for Prenatal Care?

UK Women’s Health OB-GYN offers services in several convenient locations. You will receive care from an expert team of providers dedicated to pregnant mothers and their babies’ health. UK HealthCare was also chosen as the only Kentucky hospital ranked in the top 100 for women’s health by Becker’s Hospital Review. This honor shows our commitment to quality care for our expectant patients.

Women should have the option to choose a birthing experience that’s best for them while still having access to skilled providers. Our UK Midwife Clinic provides pregnancy support and services for women with low-risk pregnancies who want minimal intervention during delivery.

No matter which way you choose to give birth, at UK HealthCare you’ll receive professional and respectful care from our team of professionals.