OB-GYN Primary Care

Regular visits to a women’s health provider help women stay healthy throughout their lives, particularly during childbearing years. During these visits, which typically happen at least once a year, the OB-GYN, nurse practitioner or midwife provides general well-woman examinations and can guide women through any screenings and tests they might need while also providing treatment for any women’s health issues that can develop. OB-GYN primary care is available throughout the community from the UK Women’s Health OB-GYN program and the UK Midwife Clinic.

OB-GYN as Primary Care

The annual well-woman visit is the center of the women’s health journey. During this time, the doctor, nurse practitioner or midwife will perform a pelvic exam and a breast exam, conduct Pap tests (also known as Pap smears), evaluate your weight, and may perform bloodwork or a urinalysis. A well-woman visit gives your provider an overall picture of your reproductive health.

An OB-GYN primary care visit offers women:

  • Annual exams
  • Coordination/referrals for services such as mammograms
  • Family planning guidance
  • Perimenopause and menopause care
  • Screenings or tests for women’s health issues, such as sexually transmitted infections or diseases or cervical cancer

Why Choose Us?

Some women visit their pediatricians until after college, when they transfer to a family medicine or internal medicine physician, while others will rely on their women’s health provider to serve as their sole primary care provider. A woman’s relationship with her women’s health care provider is often a lifelong connection that begins early in life, often during puberty, and continues through menopause and beyond.

Regardless of which OB-GYN provider you turn to, you’ll receive quality care from a compassionate professional when you turn to UK HealthCare. At UK HealthCare, our women’s health experts have years of experience that allows them to provide expert OB-GYN primary care.

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