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PATHways Program

During pregnancy, your health and your developing baby’s health are closely connected. If you’re expecting a child and are struggling with  substance use disorder, getting help is essential not just for your sake, but also to give your baby the best possible start in life. The UK HealthCare Perinatal Assistance and Treatment Home (PATHways) program provides prenatal education and care, as well as treatment and support for substance use disorders. Our services can help women overcome addiction, improve their health during pregnancy and feel empowered to care for their children after birth.

Agatha Critchfield performs an ultrasound for a PATHways patient.
Agatha Critchfield performs an ultrasound for a PATHways patient.
  • The Importance of Substance Use Disorder Treatment During Pregnancy

    Substance use during pregnancy poses a variety of risks for you and your baby and may increase your risk of death. For your baby, substance use can increase the risk of:

    • Birth defects
    • Low birth weight
    • Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), which is when a baby experiences withdrawal from drugs after birth as a result of exposure via the placenta during pregnancy
    • Preterm birth
    • Stillbirth
    • Sudden infant death syndrome, which is unexplained death after birth
  • Pathway Program Services

    Established in 2014, PATHways brings together physicians and providers from multiple specialties to deliver comprehensive prenatal care, substance use disorder treatment and recovery support. Our services include:

    • Buprenorphine maintenance therapy
    • Case management
    • Group counseling
    • Individual therapy
    • Peer support
    • Prenatal and postpartum care
    • Specialty consultations with experts in addiction medicine, neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine, nursing, social work and substance abuse counseling

    Throughout your time in PATHways, you will connect with other program participants who are facing some of the same challenges. Being able to turn to peers for support can provide both hope and comfort, and it’s integral to success.  

  • Postpartum Services & Support

    After delivery, you’ll have the opportunity to transition from PATHways to Beyond Birth, an outpatient program where you can continue medical treatment for a substance use disorder while receiving education about being a new mother. Meeting in the Beyond Birth Comprehensive Recovery Center, Beyond Birth also offers group and individual counseling. You’re encouraged to bring your child to appointments so both of you can benefit from in-person parenting guidance.