Natural Comfort Measures

There’s no getting around it — giving birth can be intense. But if you want your birthing plan to include as natural a childbirth as possible, the labor and delivery team at UK HealthCare is here for you. We specialize in providing options for natural comfort measures during labor, so you can have your baby without medication.

Natural Childbirth Techniques

We have several options to assist you in an unmedicated birth at UK HealthCare.

  • Movement and position changes can help your baby descend. We have fully adjustable labor beds to help you move and squat bars to hold onto when you’re trying to push. We have plenty of exercise birth balls to use during labor. Additionally, we have a birth stool that can be helpful for support during the birthing process.
  • Water can make a difference. Hydrotherapy either with a warm shower or in our inflatable tub can help you tolerate the intensity of labor.
  • Your comfort is key. Our rooms have free Wi-Fi so you can listen to music during your labor, which can be very soothing. All of our rooms have adjustable lighting, ensuring the most comfortable experience for you and your baby.
  • We teach relaxation and breathing techniques. Deep breathing, meditation, gentle massage and yoga stretches can all help relieve pain.
  • Essential oils. Essential oils create a pleasant aromatherapy that is relaxing for many women. We have several essential oils available, but you are free to bring your own oils and diffuser if you prefer.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

No matter how committed to a natural birth you are, it can be difficult to prepare for the actual experience of labor. And just like every child is different, the experience during one birth can be very different from the next. The team at UK HealthCare Women’s Health can help walk you through all of your options. 

If something doesn’t go as planned during labor, and you want medical pain management or need an emergency C-section, our staff will ensure you receive care that’s still in line with your birth plan.

Prepare for Pain Relief Strategies During Labor

As your due date nears, you may want to prepare for birth by taking one of our many pre- and postnatal childbirth education classes. Along with traditional offerings, we are pleased to offer Tools for an Unmedicated Birth. This class focuses on birthing without pharmacological management, and you will learn strategies and techniques to help increase your comfort during this most important and exciting time. Register online or call 859-323-2750 for information.