Tips to Increase Milk Supply

Click here to watch a video about how to boost your milk supply.

Here are seven tips to increase milk supply:

Top two things to remember

A mother breastfeeds her baby.Supply = demand.
The more often and fully the breasts are emptied, the more milk they will make.  

The baby is usually better than a pump for removing milk. 

Work with a lactation consultant

Do you think you’re not making enough milk? If so, you should work with a lactation consultant. Make sure to choose an internationally board-certified lactation consultant.

  • They can help make a plan that works for you.
  • As you build up your supply, your baby may need more food than you are making.
  • They can help you meet your goals while baby gains enough weight.

Dual pump

  • After breastfeeding, dual pump for 15 minutes.
  • Make sure to use your hands to massage around the breast while pumping.
  • This will help them get as empty as you can. 

Feed baby (or pump) more often

  • The more often baby feeds, the more milk you will make.

Try cluster pumping

  • Try cluster pumping if you are only pumping your milk.
  • How to do it: Pump for 10 minutes, then stop for 10 minutes. Repeat this process three times.
  • You do not need to wash pump parts between each pumping. Wait until the set of three is done.
  • There’s no need to empty bottles unless they are too full. 
  • Once done, place all the milk in the refrigerator. 

Help baby cluster feed

  • Pump every hour for four hours in a row until the breasts are as soft as you can get them.
  • This stimulates a cluster feed by baby. 

If you still feel like you are not making enough milk…

  • You may feel this way because baby is coming to the breast so often. But this may be normal behavior. It may be caused by a growth spurt, illness or developmental spurt. 
  • Work with your lactation consultant if you are unsure of your supply.