Anticoagulation Clinic


Why we are here

The UK Anticoagulation Clinic provides safe, convenient and effective outpatient management of warfarin (Coumadin®) therapy for patients receiving care from a UK Healthcare provider.

Anticoagulation therapy helps prevent blood clots. It is also often described as a “blood thinner.” Your provider has prescribed warfarin for you to help treat and/or prevent a serious blood clot or stroke. Warfarin can be a dangerous medicine. It must be monitored closely by a trained medical professional. Your provider has referred you to the UK Anticoagulation Clinic to provide full-service management tailored to your therapy needs.

Our clinic is staffed by specially trained clinical pharmacists skilled in managing anticoagulation therapy.

The UK Anticoagulation Clinic works with your main UK provider to offer complete management of your anticoagulation therapy.


  • Point-of-care (finger-stick) monitoring of your INR with results available in minutes.
  • Venipuncture (blood-draw) monitoring of your INR with results available within 24 hours.
  • Warfarin (Coumadin®) dosage adjustments based on your INR results.
  • Screening for drug and food interactions with warfarin.
  • Complete warfarin patient education.
  • Warfarin management and planning for surgeries and invasive procedures.
  • Face-to-face monitoring in clinic and remote monitoring (outside lab, home health, point-of-care home meter) available for patient convenience.
  • Helping patients get point-of-care home meters.

What to expect

On your first visit, your pharmacist will:

  • Check your INR using a finger-stick test or blood-draw. (INR is a measure of how long it takes your blood to clot.)
  • Review your medical history, current medication list, allergies, social history and bleeding history.
  • Evaluate and discuss your INR results.
  • Adjust warfarin dose as needed.
  • Teach you and your caregivers all you need to know about warfarin.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment.

On your follow-up visit, your pharmacist will:

  • Check your INR using a finger-stick test.
  • Review any health changes, medication changes, missed doses of warfarin, signs of bleeding, diet changes and upcoming procedures.
  • Evaluate and discuss your INR results.
  • Adjust warfarin dose as needed.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment.

The UK Anticoagulation Clinic manages anticoagulation therapy for patients through both face-to-face clinic appointments and phone appointments with remote-lab monitoring.

Frequently asked questions

How am I referred to the clinic?

Your UK provider must refer you to the UK Anticoagulation Clinic.

What about insurance and billing?

Billing is done through UK HealthCare’s billing services. You should call your insurance company to confirm coverage and possible deductibles or co-payments before your appointment.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring a complete list of the medications you take at home. This includes all prescription, over-the-counter and herbal medicines.

More information

Call 859-323-4998 or email

For UK HealthCare providers

The purpose of the Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Anticoagulation Clinic is to provide UK Healthcare patients with optimal dosing and monitoring of anticoagulation therapy to prevent new or recurrent thromboembolic events and to avoid adverse drug events in an efficient and effective manner.

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