ScriptAbility Services

UK Retail Pharmacies are proud to offer ScriptAbility, a free service that provides accessible prescription labeling solutions. 

With ScriptAbility, patients can receive their prescription labels in different formats, including audible, large print or translated labels. The service can help patients who are visually impaired or who do not speak English fluently manage their prescriptions safely and independently. 

Find the label option that meets your specific needs

Through this service, patients can choose from a range of prescription label options:

  • ScripTalk Talking Labels are text-to-speech labels. Patients can have their prescription label read aloud through the free ScripTalk mobile app or by a free reader device. Talking labels can also be translated into one of the 25 languages offered by ScriptAbility, which benefits patients with visual impairments or language barriers. ScriptAbility examples
  • ScriptView Large Print Labels are designed for patients with low vision or older patients. The labels are attached to the prescription bottle in a booklet-style format in large letters to make it easy to read. This label also includes a QR code. Patients can scan the QR code using the ScriptView mobile app, which reads the prescription information aloud. The ScriptView mobile app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android
  • ScriptView Dual Language Labels translate into one of the 25 languages offered by ScriptAbility. This label is printed in the same format and font size as the large print labels. This label benefits patients who do not speak English or those for whom English is their second language. 
  • Controlled substance safety labels aim to reduce the risk of opioid misuse. This label acts as a reminder for patients to use extra caution when taking the medication. The label clearly marks a medication as a controlled substance. It also includes a QR code that is linked to a safety video showing drug instructions and warnings. 

Interested? Signing up is free and easy!

Patients interested in any of the new prescription labels can request the service at their pharmacy or sign up by calling toll-free 833-333-UKRx (8579) and selecting the pharmacy location of their choice. For more information about ScriptAbility, visit or call 1-800-890-1180.


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