Specialty Pharmacy Services

How to fill a new prescription

UK Specialty Pharmacy will work with your prescriber when you need a new prescription drug. In most cases, your prescriber will electronically send your prescription to UK Specialty Pharmacy. However, you may also call us and request that we contact your prescriber to obtain a new specialty prescription. After receiving your prescription, our staff will enroll you into our Patient Management Program.

Patient management programs

A pharmacist with UK Specialty Pharmacy will provide a variety of clinical patient management support services for specific medical conditions to assure that you stay in the best health possible.

These services include education about how and when to takeSpecialty Pharmacy your medication, how to manage potential side effects, and ongoing health monitoring and support. This is provided to you at no additional cost, and your participation is completely voluntary. You may decline enrollment into the Patient Management Program or unenroll at any time by notifying one of our team members during normal business hours at 844-730-5913 (toll free).

A licensed pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any urgent needs relating to your medication. After normal business hours, call our after-hours paging operator (859-323-5000). Ask for the “specialty pharmacist on call” and you will be promptly connected or we will immediately return your call. In case of an emergency, call 911.

Insurance and financial assistance

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Our team will contact your insurance company to request coverage of the medication. This process is often called a “prior authorization.”

Financial assistance

The copay amount for a specialty pharmacy medication may still be high, despite having your insurance company pay for most of the cost. We will research various financial assistance programs available to possibly lower your drug therapy cost.

Medications not available at UK Specialty Pharmacy

If you cannot obtain a medication at UK Specialty Pharmacy, your specialty pharmacy technician will work with you and another pharmacy to ensure you receive your drug. If you want your prescription transferred to another pharmacy, please contact your specialty pharmacy technician and we will transfer your prescription on your behalf.

Delivery of your specialty medications

Specialty pharmacy mail service area, including Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.We coordinate delivery of your specialty medications. Options include: FREE mail delivery to your home or an approved alternate location, delivery to you in clinic, or when necessary, arrangements can be made for you to pick them up in Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy. We will also include any necessary supplies, such as needles, syringes and alcohol swabs.

If your medications require special handling or refrigeration, they will be packaged and shipped accordingly. Some medications may require a signature for proof of delivery. If you cannot be there to accept the package, in many cases, we can arrange for it to be left either at your home or at an approved alternate location.

UK Specialty Pharmacy will make every effort to deliver your supplies early if a weather warning is in place. A UK Specialty Pharmacy representative will attempt to call our patients, in order of disaster priority, with any special instructions. Please make sure we have your secondary contact information on file to ensure there is no lapse in therapy. In the event that a delivery has been delayed, be assured that we will track your package and monitor its progress. You will be notified of any anticipated delays, and if necessary, courier service will be dispatched with your medication to make sure that you will not miss any doses.

Our patients may call 844-730-5913 (toll free) at any time during business hours to speak with a representative if there is a delivery concern. Patients may also call the after-hours number (859-323-5000) and ask for the specialty pharmacist on call.

Refill reminders

A specialty pharmacy technician will call you before your medication is scheduled to run out, to check your progress and to determine the shipment of your next refill. You may also call us at any time to request a refill. Please call 844-730-5913 (toll-free) during our normal business hours if you have any questions or need assistance

Benefits and limitations of the patient management program

This program is designed to improve your overall health by optimizing specialty medications through the management of side effects while increasing adherence and the understanding of your drug therapy. We provide medication-specific tools including patient education sheets, medication calendars and other items to help you succeed on therapy.