Transfer or Refill Prescriptions

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Click here to transfer prescriptions.

Transferring prescriptions to UK Retail Pharmacies is easy!

Want to take advantage of the great services and discounts at UK Retail Pharmacies? Transferring your prescriptions to one of our locations just got even easier! Simply scan the QR code with your phone (or click here), choose your preferred location and provide your prescription information. We'll do the rest.

Not quite ready for refills? No worries, you can transfer your prescriptions now but choose not to have them refilled until you tell us. That way they're here ready to be refilled when you need them.

Have questions or just prefer to call? That's fine, too. Call our toll-free number, 833-333-UKRx (8579), and select the location of your choice. Provide your prescription information and we'll take care of it.

Prescription refill QR code
Click here to request refills. 

Need a refill? Just scan or click the QR code

We've made it even easier to request prescription refills. Just scan the QR code (or click on the link below it, if you're using your phone), choose your preferred location and enter your information in our easy form. Want us to refill it automatically next time it's due? Just select that option. We suggest bookmarking this form for future use. 

Or use the free RefillPro app

If you prefer to use an app, you can download the free RefillPro app wherever you download apps. RefillPro allows you to save your preferred pharmacy and use your phone's camera to scan the prescription's bar code for reordering. 

Want the prescription mailed to you? Select that option and enter your phone number. We'll call you to confirm your Refill pro app iconaddress and, if there's not one on file, get your credit card number. It's as easy as that. Most prescriptions requested before 1 p.m. go out the same day, and mail delivery is FREE.

You can also ALWAYS call our toll-free number, 833-333-UKRx (8579), to request a refill or ask questions about your medications.