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UK Specialty Pharmacy Patient Rights

Additional rights of a Specialty Pharmacy patient

You have the right to:

  • Receive care, no matter what your age, race, ethnicity, culture, color, national origin, language, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, appearance, socioeconomic status, physical or mental disability, religion, or diagnosis.
  • You have the right to designate a support person of your choosing. This support person may be,
  • but is not limited to a spouse, a domestic partner
  • (including a same sex domestic partner), a family member, or a friend.
  • Know what’s medically wrong and how we can help you get better. We’ll also tell you the things you’ll need to know when you get home so that you can stay well.
  • Know the names of your doctors and nurses. Feel safe here and ask questions if you have concerns.
  • Say “no” to anything we suggest.
  • Not be involved with research unless you want to be involved.
  • Receive help with pain.
  • Have your religious beliefs respected.
  • Have your regular doctor or a family member notified that you’re in the hospital.
  • Have your choices about end-of-life decisions respected.
  • Be treated politely and with consideration.
  • Have your privacy respected.
  • Know about any rules that might affect you or your family.
  • Receive a copy of your medical records; request amendment to your records and request list of disclosures to your records.
  • Have your questions about any costs or bills answered at any time.
  • You also have a right to know the names of your pharmacy team members and their title, and speak with their supervisor if requested.
  • Responsibilities

    To help us help you, please...

    • Tell us everything we need to know about your condition and history.
    • Do what your doctor recommends or tell your doctor why you do not want to follow the recommendations.
    • Be considerate of the people with whom you come in contact.
    • Take part in making your hospital stay safe; be an involved part of your health care team.
    • Provide your health insurance information or ask us about other options available to assist you with your payments.

    You may also call the Accreditation  Commission for Health Care (ACHC) at 855-937-2242 or email the Utilization Review Accreditation  Commission (URAC) at