Making the Rounds with Dr. George Thomas

Dr. George Thomas, a minimally invasive GYN surgeon at UK HealthCare, smiles.

Making the Rounds small graphicFor this edition of Making the Rounds, we interviewed Dr. George K. Thomas, a minimally invasive GYN surgeon with UK HealthCare. Dr. Thomas is also an assistant professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

We recently spoke with Dr. Thomas about the types of patients he treats, what differentiates UK HealthCare's Obstetrics & Gynecology team, and the most rewarding part of his job.

Dr. George Thomas, a minimally invasive GYN surgeon at UK HealthCare, explains the procedures his team provides to patients and what makes UK HealthCare stand out.

What types of patients do you treat?

A good majority of the patients that I see come to me with complaints of either pelvic pain or irregular vaginal bleeding. It's my goal to discover what's causing that and see how we can best approach treatment, whether that be with medical management or surgical intervention. 

We specialize in minimally invasive approaches, which means either laparoscopic or robotic techniques. What that translates to for patients is quicker post-operative recovery, less pain due to surgery, and getting back to normal activities much quicker.

How does UK HealthCare work to improve the experience of patients? 

Part of the reason why I came here to UK HealthCare was because of the team mentality. We have an amazing group within our own department and also work with colleagues from various departments, such as interventional radiology and colorectal surgery. Having that collaboration and the ease with which we are able to connect with those different departments allows our patients access to the best and most holistic care.

I believe that patient outcomes are improved when patients and their support team understand what's going on. We try to take that extra step to make sure you have plenty of time to ask questions and feel confident that they are answered for you. We highly encourage that you be involved in your health care and feel that is what will help us to grow in our partnership with you. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

My patients' success is what makes my job so wonderful. Seeing the benefits and hearing my patients’ stories and how our interventions have really been able to help shape their lives and change it for the good is a rewarding experience.

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