General Internal Medicine

The providers at UK HealthCare Internal Medicine diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions in adolescents and adults. Our highly trained physicians specialize in primary care, wellness and prevention, and care of chronic medical conditions. Using a multidisciplinary approach, UK Internal Medicine providers collaborate with practitioners in other medical specialties and subspecialties. They work together to ensure patients receive comprehensive, individualized health care.

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What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine, a type of primary care, is a medical specialty that focuses on medicine for adults. Internal medicine providers receive a high level of training to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses and complex conditions. General internal medicine providers, also called internists, have deep knowledge of the body’s systems and processes. They are experts in diagnosing conditions and managing them for life when necessary. In addition, they focus on disease prevention and overall health, helping patients adopt healthy habits and avoid preventable illnesses.

Services we offer

At UK HealthCare Internal Medicine, our providers have experience diagnosing, treating and managing a wide variety of complex clinical problems and other conditions, including:

  • Diabetes: This chronic condition prevents your body from making enough insulin or using it properly, which causes blood sugar levels to increase. We offer treatment and management for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol): Hyperlipidemia occurs when your blood has a high amount of lipids (or fats), such as cholesterol or triglycerides, or when you don’t have enough HDL (or good) cholesterol. Your provider will discuss treatment options with you and continue to monitor your cholesterol.
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure): If you have high blood pressure, you are more at risk for serious health problems, such as heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Your provider can prescribe medications and recommend lifestyle changes to help manage your blood pressure.
  • Multisystem disorders: These are diseases that affect multiple organ systems in the body. Your provider may consult with other specialists in diagnosing and treating these types of conditions.
  • Obesity: Being overweight or obese can lead to many other health problems, including heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Your provider can help you find a weight-loss plan that is right for you. They can also connect you to other specialists, such as nutritionists, who can help you meet your goals.

When you visit your provider for an exam, they may:

  • Listen to your heart, checking for signs of an irregular heartbeat or other unusual sounds.
  • Check your breathing, listening for wheezing, crackling or shortness of breath.
  • Check your blood pressure.
  • Order routine screening tests, such as a lipid panel or bone-density screening.

If you are experiencing symptoms, your provider will examine you and order any necessary tests. They may also refer you to a specialist if appropriate.

Additional services that internal medicine physicians offer include:

  • Basic women’s health services
  • Pre-operative evaluations and consultations
  • Smoking cessation
  • Wellness and prevention services

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