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UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center is Lexington’s premier location for aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery and nonsurgical treatments. Our skilled team of cosmetic surgeons, nurses and aestheticians combine artistry, experience and integrity with the latest technology to offer procedures that can enhance your appearance and improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Whether your concerns are to enhance your features based on preference, or you want surgery to counteract the physical results of aging, childbirth, weight loss or a medical condition, the surgeons and providers at UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center provide solutions that match your goals.

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The UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center is now open at Turfland

Merging art & science

Deciding to make cosmetic enhancements to your face or body is a very personal decision that can’t be made lightly. At UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center, we remove concerns about results by offering more than just before and after photos of someone else; we can show you how the results may look on you.

During a consultation, our surgeons can use Vectra 3D sculpture technology to capture images of your body, breast and face using ultra-high resolution 3D. They can simulate changes and allow you to explore your possible outcomes. The system allows us to look at your body or face from various angles, zoom in on ultra-fine details, evaluate different options and compare your before images with your predicted results.

If you’re interested in addressing age-related changes to your complexion, UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center offers the VISIA Skin Analysis System to help. With this system, our providers capture high-quality images of your face from various angles, and then identify and evaluate any spots, wrinkles or texture issues on the skin. VISIA allows our professionals to use the collected images of your face to simulate the potential results of a variety of products or procedures.

Using these technologies, our surgeons and providers can more clearly discuss your needs, goals and predicted outcomes.

Our services

The goal at UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center is to help you look your very best, and that could take one single procedure or treatment or a combination. Our team makes your goals a reality by offering:

At UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center, we aim to positively impact your life by providing a wide range of services that can enhance your appearance.

Why choose UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center for cosmetic surgery?

Making the decision to undergo a transformation to your body or face can’t be taken lightly. Whether you’re having major surgery or just a small, nonsurgical enhancement, you want to feel confident in the procedures you select and the experts who will make your dream a reality.

Our team of surgeons has decades of experience in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. At UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center, we combine compassionate, patient-centered care with innovation to help you look and feel like the best version of you.

Loyalty programs

Brilliant Distinctions rebranded as ‘Allē’    

If you have been or are currently a member of Brilliant Distinctions®, the original loyalty program of Allergan Aesthetics, the program has been updated and renamed. It is now called Allē.    

For information about Allē and to upgrade your Brilliant Distinctions account, visit

Aspire Galderma Rewards

Galderma – the manufacturer of Restylane®, Sculptra® and Dysport® — offers Aspire rewards.  For more information or to sign up, visit

Telecare visits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering TeleCare visits if you have concerns about coming to an in-person appointment. To schedule a TeleCare visit, call 859-257-7171. Although they are not taking place now due to the pandemic, we hope to resume our open house events in the future.