Cosmetic breast surgery

Many women find that after weight loss, pregnancy or aging, their breasts have lost the youthful or full appearance they once had. All women have some breast asymmetry. For those with significant asymmetry, surgery may improve symmetry and shape. In these cases, the range of cosmetic breast surgery offers the chance for improved volume, shape and symmetry for many women. These surgeries can be divided into three categories: breast implants (augmentation), reduction, lift (mastopexy) and combination implant with lift (augmentation and mastopexy).

For any breast surgery consultation, you will have a full discussion with your plastic surgeon about your unique situation and your desires for treatment. During this consultation, we will take photos and several measurements of your breasts.

Breast implants (Breast augmentation)

This involves placing an implant under the breast to add volume and improve shape. Volume can be lost after weight loss or pregnancy, and augmentation can achieve a more rounded breast shape. It can also help correct asymmetry of the breasts.

You will have the opportunity to try on various sizes of implants so that you and your surgeon agree on your goals.

Breast implant surgery often involves only a small incision underneath the breast which hides very well after it heals. The implants are placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle, depending on the status of the breast tissue. The technique will be discussed during your consultation.

Breast lift (Mastopexy)

This is for patients with drooping or sagging of the breasts. A breast lift raises the breast and nipple by removing extra skin and tightening the nearby tissue to create a new breast shape. Often the areola becomes enlarged over time. A breast lift can reduce this as well. This is done with incisions placed around the nipple and areola and often other parts of the breast. There are many types of techniques and incisions. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss the various choices. You and your surgeon will work together to decide what is right for you.

Combination breast lift and breast implants (mastopexy and augmentation)

Combination of breast lift and breast implants can be done when both droopiness of the breast and volume loss are present. It gives the chance to combine the benefits of both types of breast surgery. These two procedures can often be done at the same time, but you and your surgeon will discuss if this is safe for you. In cases where a larger implant is used or the nipple must be raised quite a bit, it may be safer to perform the surgery in two stages.