Nonsurgical Aesthetic Procedures

Not every cosmetic procedure requires surgery. UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center’s specially trained nurse practitioner utilizes the latest technology and offers a variety of cosmetic enhancement procedures that can address facial wrinkles, signs of aging, acne scarring and more, all without the need for surgery. These nonsurgical procedures allow patients to receive the treatment best suited for them without having to undergo an invasive operation.

As people age, they may be frustrated with feeling younger than they look. Sagging skin, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin or previous experiences with severe acne can greatly affect the way a person looks which can, in turn, affect their self-confidence. Cosmetic procedures are designed to help people regain self-confidence by making them look as young as they feel.

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures


Meeting your goals for your desired look is our passion. We want you to look your best. UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center offers the following nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your cosmetic goals:

  • Botox treatments - Botox and Dysport are offered for a variety of conditions. These include the treatment of facial wrinkles caused by facial expressions. More about botox »
  • Chemical peels use different chemical solutions to improve fine wrinkling, blotchy skin or precancerous lesions caused by sun exposure. More about chemical peels »
  • Dermal fillers are substances injected just below the surface of the skin to fill in lines, wrinkles and scars. More about dermal fillers »
  • Eye rejuvenation  - A loss of volume around the eyes can make people appear tired, worn and even older than they actually are. Surgery does not always improve this, and it can actually give certain individuals a hollowed-out appearance.
  • Hair removal
  • Icon aesthetic system (laser treatment) - This laser treatment can solve wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins all at the same time. More about Icon aesthetic system »
  • Lip reshaping - Your lips lose collagen and shrink as you age. Many people choose lip enhancement or reshaping procedures to counteract this process or to achieve the look they have always wanted. Lips can be reshaped to correct any asymmetries and to give you a more prominent cupid’s bow. An attractive set of lips is often more about shape than volume. People who feel that their lips have always been too thin and flat can generally find remedy in lip rejuvenation, which can be done either as a permanent treatment using a lip implant or a temporary treatment using injectable fillers.
  • Skin resurfacing includes techniques such as Microdermabrasion, complexion analysis and micro-needling. More about skin resurfacing »

What can nonsurgical cosmetic procedures address?

While cosmetic procedures that result in more drastic transformations will typically require an operation, many subtle cosmetic procedures can be performed during a standard office visit at UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center. A person who wishes to address fine lines and wrinkles can consider skin resurfacing, which rejuvenates the skin and deters the visibility of not only wrinkles but sun damage, acne scars and uneven skin tone as well.

Many people recognize the brand names Botox and Dysport. These two injectables are widely used in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to treat facial wrinkles. To address anything from laugh lines to crow’s feet, patients can use Botox or Dysport to rejuvenate their personal appearance.

Another injectable, Kybella, helps patients achieve a firmer jawline by reducing the amount of fat stored in their “double-chin.” The solution in this injection is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring acid that can be found within the body. UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center will determine the number of small injections that are right for you.

Many more cosmetic enhancements can be made using the latest technology available. Consult with the experts at UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center to have your specific concerns addressed by a professional. Every person’s treatment will vary based on their unique physical compositions and the overall goals of their desired cosmetic adjustments.

Skincare products

ZO Product line

In addition to nonsurgical procedures, our team of experts can advise you on the right combination of skincare products to achieve the results you're looking for- or to maintain the best skin you're in.

We currently carry the following top-of-the line skincare brands:

  • ZO SkinHealth
  • SkinMedica




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