Career Achievement Awards FAQs

Frequently asked questions

  • I am a supervisor/manager/director- do I attend the event to support my staff?

    You as the supervisor/manager/director only need to attend the event if you have an employee celebrating a milestone year based off of current hire date.  We encourage management to take part in this important event.

  • I am an employee being honored but cannot attend the event, can I still get my Yearbook and order my Career Achievement award gift.

    Yes. The Yearbook has the specific instructions to order your Career Achievement award gift. Yearbooks will be delivered to the employees that were not able to attend their monthly celebration through the US Postal Service.

  • I am an employee celebrating a milestone (increments of 5) anniversary this year.  How will I know when and where the event will be held?

    The celebration will always take place in the Pavilion A. Auditorium for all honorees. The dates for the remainder of 2017 will be published on the SharePoint site. Starting in 2018 the ceremony will take place monthly on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:30am.  There will be special arrangements if the event falls on a UK HealthCare recognized holiday. Communications will also be emailed to the honorees informing them of their celebration date and time.  A full list of honorees broken down by month can be found on the Career Achievement SharePoint site.

  • I believe that I should be honored this year, but did not receive an invitation. Can I just show up at the event?

    Please check to make sure you are celebrating the correct milestone year as we have standardized our process to current hire date only. If you have the correct current hire date (month/year), please contact to make sure you are celebrated appropriately.

  • I believe that I should be honored this year, how can I find out if I am on the list?

    The full list of honorees is available on the Career Achievement SharePoint site and will be updated annually.  You can get to the SharePoint site through CareWeb.  The list is organized by month with the honoree’s milestone year.

    You can check the Career Achievement SharePoint site at any time. The information is also located on the In The Loop Career Achievement page. 

  • I missed celebrating in my anniversary month. Can I come to another celebration?

    Unfortunately, no. The ceremony is only for those individuals celebrating within that month. The Yearbooks will be delivered to those who were not able to attend through the US Postal Service.  The ceremony dates and times are posted to the Career Achievement Sharepoint site for the rest of 2017.  2018 there will be a standard date and time for the ceremony.  Directors/managers/supervisors are instructed to help arrange for honorees to be able to attend their ceremony.

  • I will be retiring in my mile stone year but before my anniversary month. Can I still come to the ceremony and receive my Yearbook?

    Unfortunately, no. If you retire before your anniversary month, you will not have completed the full year to give you the milestone anniversary. When planning a retirement date you may want to take current hire date and celebration date into consideration.  If you are retiring in the month of your anniversary, your participation is up to the discretion of Administration.

  • I am considered a.2 FTE- will I be honored?

    Yes you will be honored for your years of service and invited to an event.

  • Who can take part in the Career Achievement Award program?

    Healthcare personnel area (PA) 1500, college of medicine staff PA 1000, college of medicine faculty PA 1000, Central Kentucky Management Services (CKMS), Eastern State Hospital (EHS) and Graduate Medical Education (GME). Employees will be honored based on their “current hire date” in the University’s HR system. Employees who are regular position (Regular Full-time, Regular Part-time, WEPP) and an on-call position (0.2 FTE and above) are eligible for recognition, and must be in an active status on the anniversary date.

  • Do I have to attend the Career Achievement to receive my Yearbook?

    We encourage participation in the ceremony.   You earned the recognition, but you do not have to attend the celebration to receive your Yearbook and gift.

  • What does the ceremony look like?

    The ceremony is graduation style where you as the honoree will go up on stage, receive your Yearbook, be congratulated by Senior Leaders, and have your picture made to commemorate the occasion.  Pictures will be available for download after the event is completed and communications will go out to the honorees so they can receive a copy of their picture.

  • Will I get my service year pin?

    The service year pin is an option for a Career Achievement award gift.  The honoree will get to select from a catalog of items to find something meaningful to them.   Catalog items will be based off of years of service.

  • Is there a time limit for selection an item?

    There is not a time limit for selecting an item but we encourage you to go ahead and select your item so you can enjoy it.  You will receive an email reminder from OC Tanner a couple of weeks after you receive your yearbook

  • What date is used to determine the milestone year that is being celebrated?

    We use the current hire date when calculating the number of years an employee is being honored.  The current hire date represents the most recent employment affiliation with the University.  All service accrued from the current hire date will be considered, including time spent in a STEPS, temporary or on-call position.  If employees have questions about the current hire date on their record, supervisors should contact Employee Records at

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