Alerts appear at the top of each page in the website. Once dismissed, they are closed and will not appear again on the site. Alerts may be routine or urgent.; most alerts will be routine. The urgent setting should be reserved for true emergencies.


Administrative title

This required field is for the name of the alert. It will not be visible.


Select "Routine" or "Urgent" from the drop-down. This field is required.

An example of a routine alert.

An example of an urgent alert.


The headline appears in a darker arrow-shaped area at the left when viewed on desktop. On routine alerts this area is dark yellow. On urgent alerts it is red. The darker area disappears on mobile view, but the headline remains visible and the overall text area is red. The headline should be very short — no more than a few syllables. This field is required.


This should be one short sentence or phrase and is optional.

Link URL

Link to a web page on- or off-site, if any. This field is optional.

Link text

This should be a short sentence or phrase which becomes a clickable link to the URL above. This field is optional.

Publishing status

Check this box when ready to publish, then click "Save." The alert will go live in approximately 3 hours. To un-publish the alert, un-check the box and click "Save." The alert will be removed in three hours. If you need the alert to be refreshed sooner, contact or