Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care 2018

2018 winners of the Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care with Dr. Sibu Saha.

The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care recognized four UK HealthCare faculty and staff members in the areas of clinical nursing, clinical support, assistant professor and ambulatory. The following 2018 recipients were recognized at an award ceremony in Karpf Auditorium at Chandler Hospital in March.

Clinical nursing: Steven Campton, BSN, RN, Emergency Services

Steven Campton, RN with co-workers

Known for being kind and respectful to both co-workers and patients, Steven Campton, RN, was honored with a Saha Award for one particular demonstration of generosity toward a homeless man who entered the Emergency Department. The gentleman was intoxicated, with wet and soiled clothes, but unharmed. After the man was discharged, Campton contacted social work to get fresh clothes, helped the man bathe himself and gave the patient his own coat because social work did not have any in the patient’s size. Campton’s compassion transformed the patient’s argumentative demeanor to one of complaisance and gratitude.

Clinical support: Joseph Adams, MLT, Georgetown Clinic

Joseph Adams

During his free time, Joseph Adams, MLT, often volunteers to teach music lessons to underprivileged children at the Central Music Academy. His generosity extends to his patients as well, as evidenced by the extra effort he put into ensuring one patient was able to get to his appointments. This particular patient had not been in for his POC INR for a couple of months due to a car accident. The family’s car was totaled, leaving them with no transportation. Adams started looking into solutions and discovered that his friend had a car he was willing to donate. Adams did some needed repairs and bought a new battery for the car. He then picked up the patient and brought him to the DMV to assist with the transfer of ownership.

Assistant professor, Clark Sleeth, MD, hospital medicine

Dr. Clark Seeth at his clinic in KenyaClark Sleeth, MD, currently lives in western Kenya treating patients and training medical residents at Tenwek Hospital. Before taking on this mission, he worked in hospital medicine at UK HealthCare, where his empathetic nature showed in the way he cared for his patients. One family in particular commended Sleeth for the personalized care he gave to their father, who was in the hospital for lung, liver and bone cancer. In addition to spending extra time with the patient and his family, Sleeth gave them his personal phone number at the end of one of his shifts so that they could contact him with any questions or concerns. After discovering the patient passed away, he drove to the hospital on his day off to be with the family.

Ambulatory, Tara L. McCoy, PT, DPT, Good Samaritan Hospital

Tara McCoy, PT, with her co-workers

Tara McCoy, PT, DPT, often goes beyond her duties as a physical therapist to ensure the overall well-being of her patients. When one of her patients was discharged to the Catholic Action Center before receiving the walker she had requested for this person, McCoy purchased a walker with her own money and personally delivered it to the patient on her time off.

The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care was established to honor health care providers who exhibit a high sense of professionalism, a moral obligation to patient-centered care, and the ability to lead by example to advocate a change in UK HealthCare’s culture. For more information, contact Chelsea Smitson, employee recognition coordinator.