Joyce Sears survived a massive clot in her brain. This is her story.

Joyce Sears

When Joyce Sears got a bad headache that just wouldn’t go away, she thought it might be a sinus infection. Over the next three days, she lay in bed while the pressure in her head got worse.

Her husband left town for work, and it wasn’t long after that that Sears’ two young daughters found her unresponsive and were unable to wake her.

She was rushed to an emergency room in Somerset, Ky., where a CT scan revealed she had a massive blood clot in her head. Doctors knew she needed advanced stroke care right away, so she was transferred to UK HealthCare.

Once Sears arrived at UK, Dr. Justin Fraser, surgical director of the UK Comprehensive Stroke Center, immediately jumped into action to save her life.

Watch the rest of Sears’ story below and find out how she’s doing today.


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