UK TeleCare FAQs

What is UK TeleCare?

UK TeleCare makes it easy for patients to get expert care without leaving the comfort of their homes. Through our TeleCare technology, you can set up a videoconference visit with your UK HealthCare provider. It’s like “face-timing” with a member of our healthcare team from your own living room.

What do I need for my TeleCare visit?

You’ll need:

  • access to a device with a camera (smartphone, tablet or computer)
  • access to an internet connection
  • an active email account

Is UK TeleCare secure?

Yes. We are committed to the privacy and security of our patients whether we provide care for you in person or virtually.

TeleCare visits are conducted through a HIPAA-compliant version of the videoconferencing app Zoom. You may have used Zoom for work meetings – our version looks the same, but contains extra privacy and security measures.

What should I expect from a TeleCare appointment?

All care is provided by UK HealthCare physicians and providers. For primary care, you will talk to your regular primary care provider. You will have the same personalized, intimate discussion as you would in the exam room.

What will happen the day of my virtual visit?

  • You’ll get a telephone call from a nurse to make sure that you’re ready for your appointment.
  • Then, we’ll send you a secure Zoom link that is specific to you and your visit.
  • You’ll click that link to meet with your provider in a “virtual exam room.” 

Is TeleCare easy to use?

Yes, it’s very easy to use. Once you download Zoom, we provide a step-by-step process for how to connect. As long as you have internet access from a phone, tablet or computer, you’ll be able to do a virtual visit. Sometimes, we can do an audio or phone visit if you don’t have the capability for Zoom.

What if I need help with technology?

We have set up a UK TeleCare help desk that you can reach weekdays from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. at 859-218-6221. Our staff is available to help you with technology questions or if you experience technical difficulties.

Can my family join me during my visit?

Yes. Just as you can have someone else join you in person, you can also have someone accompany you virtually. When you make the appointment, let the scheduler know that you would like to send an additional email invitation to the visit.

Are interpreter services available?

Yes. Please communicate your need when you make your appointment. Whether you are a patient or parent/guardian seeking language assistance, your preferred language should always be identified at registration so that we can schedule appropriate interpreting services. When you call the clinic, our scheduling team can bring a phone interpreter onto the call, if needed, to help you schedule and register for your UK TeleCare visit.

How does payment work?

A bill for your copay will be mailed to you.

What should I have on hand for the visit?

You are not required to have these items for your TeleCare visit, but they can be helpful for your appointment:

  • List of medications.
  • Thermometer.
  • Blood pressure cuff.
  • Most recent blood glucose reading, if you have diabetes.
  • Most recent weight, if this visit is for a child.

Are my appointments automatically transitioned to TeleCare visits?

No. We are evaluating all appointments first to determine if a TeleCare visit would be appropriate. If you are offered a TeleCare visit, rest assured that your clinical team has reviewed your appointment and your medical history and has determined that a TeleCare visit is right for you at this time.

If you have questions or concerns about your care, call your healthcare provider or clinic.


OR CALL 859-257-1000