Clinical Pastoral Education Residency 2023-2024

UK HealthCare is accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education to run programs of Level I and II CPE. We currently run extended 15-week Fall and Spring internships and an intensive 11-week intern program in the Summer.

As a teaching hospital, UK offers the opportunity for seminary students and clergy of all faiths to continue to learn how to provide pastoral care in a hospital setting. In order to apply, please complete the application on the ACPE website.

2023 Intern Program

Clinical Pastoral Education


To learn about more clinical pastoral education (CPE) please visit the ACPE website or contact:

UK Pastoral Care Services, Clinical Pastoral Education 
1000 S. Limestone, Room A.00.115 
Lexington, KY 40536

Supervisor: Cam Holzer at cam.holzer@uky.edu859-323-5301 or 859-323-4140