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Women's Health (Primary Care)

UK HealthCare provides comprehensive primary care services for women during all stages of life, including mammography and other annual exams.

The Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health specializes in treatment, research and education related to women’s health, while our Well Woman Clinic allows women to receive all annual exams and tests at one convenient appointment. We also encourage women to participate in the Kentucky Women’s Health Registry, a research effort that will help us advance medical knowledge and improve care for all women.

  • Center for the Advancement of Women's Health

    The Center for the Advancement of Women's Health serves three primary purposes:

    • Provide high-quality comprehensive medical services for women in a clinical facility located in the Kentucky Clinic.
    • Educate patients and the community overall about women's health through educational and community outreach programs.
    • Expand medical research opportunities for women that encourage advancements in the field of women's health through our Kentucky Women's Health Research Registry and clinical trials.  
  • Well Woman Clinic

    The UK Well Woman Clinic at the Center for the Advancement of Women's Health provides patients with a convenient way to have all annual exams and tests completed in one appointment.

    This option for busy and active women is available Monday through Friday to healthy patients between the ages of 40 and 64 who have no active health disorders.

    At an all-in-one morning appointment, you can:  

    • Visit with a physician specializing in women’s health
    • Undergo an annual exam and pap test
    • Receive laboratory tests as needed (blood/urine analysis)
    • Have a mammogram screening
    • Receive a DEXA bone density exam and interpretation (for women more than 50 years of age)  
  • Kentucky Women's Health Registry

    We are dedicated to expanding opportunities for Kentucky women to participate in medical research. As more women participate in medical studies, researchers are discovering that women may have very different reactions than men to the same drugs and treatments. The Center's goal is for all Kentucky women to fill out the Kentucky Women's Health Registry survey and consider volunteering for medical studies that will help us advance medical knowledge about women's health.