General Information for References

When thinking about whom you want to ask to be your reference, answer this question? “Who knows me best in terms of my nursing skills, clinical capabilities, compassion, empathy, determination, hard work, dedication, time management and skill set.” That will help you create your reference list. We do not recommend asking only nursing instructors, preceptors, or Patient Care Managers (if you are a Nursing Care Tech). If you are a babysitter, nanny, or have held summer jobs, your previous or current supervisor or employer would be a very good reference to list as well.

We usually recommend you list 3 to 4 professional references either as an extension of your resume, or on a separate sheet of paper. You do not want to list friends or family. You can use your “header” or contact information that was on your resume to put on your reference page. You will want to include everything about these references such as full name, credentials, title, relationship (Supervisor for Summer Employment, 2009 to present), full business address, including city, state, zip, email address and phone number. It is also advisable to ask your reference ahead of time if they would serve as a reference for you because you are applying for RN positions in the PICU for UK Healthcare. Give them an updated copy of your resume, so they can see the “depth and breadth” of your skill set and experience. They only may know one dimension of you (because they are your boss), but they might not have realized that you have done 3 mission trips, written a grant, presented a poster at a National Meeting, or you speak 2 languages. Also ask them if they would be willing to possibly write you a letter of recommendation (if you are asked) for a job application, scholarship program, award or graduate/professional school.

Here is a professional format to use for your references. List them in order of importance.

References for:
Sue H. Strup (you will want to add your credentials once you graduate and pass NCLEX)
XXX Nursing Lane
Patient, KY 40879

  1. Donna Karan, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Patient Care Manager – New Born Intensive Care Unit
    St. Matthews Hospital
    700 Market Street, #456
    Eden, KY 40987
    Relationship: Nursing Care Supervisor
  2. Mary Jones, DNP, RN
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
    University of Kentucky College of Nursing
    800 Rose Street, ML #323
    Lexington, KY 40356
    Relationship: Nursing Instructor for my final Nursing Synthesis (222+ hours)