Are You Ready for Your Big Interview? Nursing Checklist

Bring These With You

  1. Several copies of resume
  2. Separate list of professional references
  3. 2 – 3 questions for you to ask the interviewer
  4. Portfolio or Nice Folder (to hold resumes, transcripts and important papers)

Have a Professional Appearance

  1. Business Suit (dry cleaned and/or pressed that fits! Try it on.)
  2. Laundered Shirt or blouse
  3. Tie (men)
  4. Dark socks (men) and Panty hose (women – no runs!!)
  5. TURN OFF the cell phone, pager, iPad, or any electronic device. If you forget and it goes off, apologize and turn it off. DO NOT EVER take a call or page during an interview.
  6. Sensible Dress Shoes but not spiked heels (polished for men). Remember you will be doing a LOT of walking from nurse recruitment to various departments.
  7. Firm handshake and smile!!
  8. Conservative jewelry (i.e., necklace, simple earrings, 1 or 2 rings, etc.)
  9. Fresh breath
  10. Minimum cologne or perfume
  11. Clean nails and/or conservative nails (no nail polish)
  12. Conservative hair style or hair cut
  13. Conservative makeup (for women)

Good luck with your interview! To help you prepare further for your interviews, set up a “Practice Interview,” or attend an Interview Workshop. Make an appointment with the Nurse Career Consultant at the UK Nursing Career Resource Center. Call or email today at 859-323-3169 or