General Content for a Resignation Letter

The Importance of a Resignation Letter

Ready to resign from your job? How you write a resignation letter is important, because it usually isn't easy to resign and stay on good terms with the unit or department you are leaving. Even if you hate your job and can't wait to start your new job, it can be difficult to resign diplomatically and tactfully. Well-written resignation letters can help ensure your resignation goes smoothly and that you don’t “burn any bridges.”

Why Write a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while paving the way for you to move on. You never know when you might need that previous employer to give you a reference, or another career opportunity down the road. If you work for a large employer such as UK HealthCare, at the time of your “separation” your manager will be asked by Human Resources the question, “are you eligible for “rehire” by the University? “ You will want to ensure your ability to be rehired. Take the time to write a polished and professional resignation letter or letters. Your resignation letter also provides official notice that you're that terminating your employment with the University or your department, and your official last day of work.

You will also want to address anything that you have discussed with your manager or boss prior to your departure such as training the person that will be replacing you, your last date of employment (that you will be officially working; not including vacation days) and your future contact information in case he/she has any questions. Here is an example resignation letter below.

Your Present Address (or you may use the same heading you’ve used on your Resume)
City, State, Zip Code

Mr./Ms. Name of Individual
Job Title of Individual
Hospital or Organization Name
Street Address or P.O. Box Number
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr.________________:

The first paragraph indicates why you are writing. I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from the Patient Care Manager position for Pediatric Cardiology effective Friday, July 6th, 2012. I have thoroughly enjoyed the four years that I have worked with you and the team of cardiac nurses and patients. I am extremely proud of all of our accomplishments including (include anything that you want to highlight here).

The middle paragraph highlights the transition. As we discussed, I am happy to work with my replacement during this transition period to train him/her in all of my responsibilities and duties including (include the responsibilities that you have been asked to train your replacement in).

(This information is optional). As mentioned, I have accepted the Nurse Manager position at Central Baptist Hospital. I am happy to answer any questions or calls at my future email address: Again, I truly thank you for this opportunity and the growth and professional development afforded me. I have thoroughly enjoyed four years that I have worked for UK HealthCare.


(your signature in black ink)

Full typed name, credentials (RN, BSN, MSN)


  1. Always run a spell check after creating, editing or updating your Resignation Letter.
  2. Be consistent with fonts…if you used Times Roman for your header, then be consistent throughout the entire letter.
  3. Print out your Resignation Letter on nice, bonded resume paper and give it to your supervisor or supervisors in a sealed envelope; in person is always preferable.