Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are nationally certified and state licensed to provide diagnoses, treatments and follow-up. There is a strong representation of APPs across UK HealthCare, working in collaborative roles with physicians in all specialties of acute-care and clinical settings. The daily contributions by APPs to deliver “patient first,” high-quality health care is valued by physicians as well as by patients and their families.

Advanced Practice Providers online directory

UK HealthCare’s Office for Advanced Practice serves as the professional home for nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives and physician assistants.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission in the Office of Advanced Practice is to recruit and retain the best providers and help them practice at the top of their license.

Advanced Practice Recognition

APP of the Month

 The Offices of Advanced Practice and Patient Experience are pleased to sponsor the APP of the Month Award for UK HealthCare advanced practice providers, beginning September 2022. Recipients will be announced at the Advanced Practice Monthly Council, receive a plaque, and be highlighted in the APP Newsletter and on The Loop.


1. Exemplify the UK HealthCare DIReCT values

2. Be an exemplary clinical leader who delivers high-quality patient care

3. Maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of difficulties

4. Be a role model of professionalism and interdisciplinary practice

Fill out our online form to nominate an APP on your team from the 1st until 15th of each Month.


Please visit UK Jobs for employment opportunities.

Contact Us

Marina Livesay
Administrative Support Associate

Student Placement Request Process

UKHC Advanced Practice Student Placement Request

When to Submit your Request:

  • Clinical Dates (these are the dates within which you want to complete clinical rotations):
    • Spring Semester: January 1-May 15
    • Summer Semester: May 16-July 31
    • Fall Semester: August 1-December 15
  • Request Submission Windows (based on the dates you want to complete clinicals, this is when you need to submit your request):
    • Spring Semester: October 15-November 15
    • Summer Semester: March 15-April 15
    • Fall Semester: July 15-August 15

Important Points to Consider:

  • We are obligated to place students enrolled in UK programs prior to placing students enrolled at other schools.
  • Your school’s approval of a placement from a curriculum standpoint does not confer placement approval at UKHC.   You must have documented approval from both the Office of Advanced Practice and Office of Observation and Learning Experience before you begin any clinical rotations at UKHC.
  • A student agreement between UKHC and your school must be on file before we can approve your placement. Check with your school representative to verify that your institution has a student agreement on file with UKHC.
  • You will receive email notification of your request status (approval or denial) from the Office of Advanced Practice approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the start date you requested.

Questions or concerns? Please email

Advanced Practice General Council

2023 General Council Chairpersons:

Tria Kinnard ( PA Representative

Kelly Patterson ( NP Representative

Mark Anderson (, CRNA Representative

The Advanced Practice Council meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4pm. Council meetings are held via Zoom and all UK HealthCare advanced practice providers are encouraged to attend. For Zoom information, please contact . 

Advanced Practice General Council Meetings through 2023:

January 24

February 28

March 28

April 25

May 23

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 26

October 24

November 28

Residencies & Fellowships

At UK HealthCare, we are committed to providing opportunities to further educate Advanced Practice Providers. APPs can specialize their training through many of our outstanding post-graduate residency and fellowship programs.

List of programs:



Advancing Present Practice: A podcast created for Advanced Practice Providers and supported by the Office of Advanced Practice at the University of Kentucky.

Listen to conversations between Cori Arena, DNP and guests who have advanced our professional practice in response to being present with the needs of their community. During this podcast we have the opportunity to hear stories of the past to bring hope and inspiration for tomorrow.

Listen on Apple and Spotify.

View more Advanced Practice Provider Resources.