10 Years of the Gill Affiliate Network: AdventHealth Manchester

Members of the AdventHealth Manchester team, who are affiliated with the Gill Heart & Vascular Institute

The Gill Heart & Vascular Institute Affiliate Network launched in 2014 to better connect community hospitals across the Commonwealth with the expertise and resources available at UK HealthCare. Throughout 2024, UK HealthCare is highlighting achievements by the 23 members of the Gill Affiliate Network as part of the network’s 10th anniversary celebration.

First up: the team from AdventHealth Manchester, which became the first official member on July 1, 2014. AdventHealth Manchester sees more than 60,000 patients every year while staying true to a community-focused, patient-centric model of care. Since 1917, the hospital has served Clay County and the neighboring areas, helping everyone in its community reach their full potential by living a life of greater wellness. 

How has being part of the network influenced how you care for those in your community?

Being part of the Gill Affiliate Network has been a rewarding and enriching experience for AdventHealth Manchester. The network has given us access to valuable resources, training and support that have improved our knowledge and skills in providing quality care to those in need. 

One of the main benefits is the opportunity to learn from healthcare experts and peers. The network offers a variety of programs and conferences designed to enhance the knowledge and competence of its members, and keeps us updated on the latest research and best practices in cardiovascular care.

Can you recall a specific instance or program where your relationship with the network helped lead to a positive outcome for your hospital and its patients?

UK HealthCare is a leader in Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA), a diagnostic test that produces detailed 3D images of the arteries in the heart. Through the Gill Affiliate Network, our hospital physicians and staff have:

  • Participated in lunch-and-learn sessions to introduce the CCTA program and its benefits. 
  • Observed UK HealthCare professionals in the administering and reading of CCTA imaging to learn best practices and protocols.
  • Been trained by Gill experts on how to perform and interpret CCTA scans using state-of-the-art technology and software.
  • Received ongoing feedback and guidance to ensure consistent high-quality CCTA services are provided by our hospital.

This relationship allowed our team to acquire the necessary skills and confidence to deliver CCTA service to our patients. The successful adoption of CCTA as a diagnostic and management tool for patients with suspected coronary artery disease is just one example of how AdventHealth Manchester leverages the network's resources and expertise to enhance patient care and outcomes, and to fulfill our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ. 

What do you hope to achieve in the future through your relationship with the Gill Affiliate Network?

We hope to achieve several goals in the next months and years. These include: 

  • Enhancing our telehealth capabilities to reach more patients and improve access to care.
  • Increasing our coverage and referrals.
  • Observing and learning from the best practices and expertise of other Gill Affiliate Network members. 

We believe that by working together, we can improve the outcomes and satisfaction of our patients and staff. 

“The UK Gill Heart Institute has been an instrumental affiliate by providing continued support and education with the newest advancements and research in healthcare, so, we can serve our underserved region with high quality healthcare to every patient every time.” — Kyle Smith, RN
This content was produced by UK HealthCare Brand Strategy.

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