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Yoga is an effective mind-body practice incorporating gentle movement, breathing and deep relaxation techniques to reduce stress, pain and fatigue. These techniques also promote positive physical, mental and emotional changes. Yoga classes are suitable for all skill levels.

For a patient with cancer or chronic illness, reducing stress is very important. Yoga is an effective mind-body practice that can reduce your stress levels, creating positive physical, mental and emotional changes.

  • Benefits of yoga

    Our whole-person approach benefits your overall well-being: physically by improving heart rate, blood pressure and respiration; mentally by improving memory and concentration; and emotionally by reducing anxiety and depression, thus uplifting the spirit.

    Yoga can also help reduce stress; improve your sleep, focus and ability to perform daily activities; increase a sense of hope, energy level and confidence; increase your lymph flow, blood flow and oxygenation of the blood; increase flexibility of your muscles and range of motion in your joints; decrease tension, pain and fatigue; and decrease depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation.

  • Yoga classes at UK HealthCare

    Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness 

    Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness class experience includes a combination of: awareness practice, gentle movement, breathing practice, guided meditation with creative visualization and imagery, and deep relaxation.

    This class is open for outpatients, caregivers and survivors.

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    UK HealthCare cares about employee health and well-being

    For UK employees, yoga class at the end of the workday is a wonderful way to transition from work to home. Yoga refreshes and restores. Yoga at lunchtime offers an opportunity to recharge for the afternoon at work, improving focus and concentration for greater productivity.

    General information

    No special clothing is required, but we encourage you to wear comfortable clothing. You may bring a yoga mat if you wish, but we provide mats and other yoga props as well.

    Our classes and services are easily accessible for UK HealthCare patients, faculty and staff, with convenient parking in the outpatient lot in front of the Whitney-Hendrickson Building on the UK Markey Cancer Center campus. For information on both of these classes, see our schedule of classes and events.

  • Videos

    Breath awareness meditation (4:15)

    Chest openers (5:59)

    Chair yoga for spine health (7:27)

    Chair yoga for upper body (5:48)

    Chair yoga for lower body (9:48)

    Yoga techniques - gentle yoga flow (8:58)