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Music Therapy Internship

At UK HealthCare, music therapy is part of Integrative Medicine & Health and is closely affiliated with the UK Arts in HealthCare program. Music therapists provide a wide range of clinical music therapy services for patients with mental and physical health care needs and actively participate in research opportunities. Some of the common reasons for music therapy referrals include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical needs such as pain, restlessness, and rehabilitation.
  • Emotional needs such as coping skills, mood, spiritual comfort, and quality of life.
  • Mental/cognitive needs such as anxiety, confusion, and stimulation.
  • Social needs such as communication and self-expression.
  • Extended length of stay.
  • End of life care.
  • Family support.

The UK HealthCare Music Therapy Internship in Lexington, Kentucky, provides a number of opportunities for students interested in medical and mental health music therapy services. Interns will have opportunities to:

  • Provide patient- and family-centered care in the acute and ambulatory medical settings.
  • Provide services for patients of varying ages and diagnoses.
  • Provide group services for patients with mental health needs.
  • Interact with several different music therapists.
  • Participate in projects, presentations, and specialized training (NICU).

Mission: The mission of the UK HealthCare Clinical Music Therapy Program is to advance cutting-edge, evidence-based music therapy practices within the contexts of clinical care, education and research. In order to demonstrate this mission, the program strives to be a leader in the use of music therapy in physical and mental health care while also providing high-quality services for those with communication, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social functioning needs.

The internship program at UK HealthCare is a hallmark of our clinical services. We strive to work individually with students as part of our clinical team to meet their educational and training needs. We invite you to consider pursuing an internship with us as you move toward board certification as a music therapist.

Areas of service: Interning at UK HealthCare provides opportunities to work throughout the medical setting including, but not limited to:

  • Kentucky Children’s Hospital (general floor, PICU, NICU).
  • Eastern State Hospital (inpatient mental health).
  • Markey Cancer Center.
  • Palliative and hospice patients.
  • Stroke, adult intensive care, trauma and general medical.

UK HealthCare interns will have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary teams, co-treat with PT, OT, SLP, and Child Life and to develop a project in an area of their choosing and more.

Daphne’s Legacy, a non-profit organization formed in the memory of Daphne Scruggs Fields, provides a stipend for UKHC Music Therapy Interns. Daphne was a talented bluegrass musician who received MT services at UKHC at the end of her life. Daphne’s Legacy raises awareness of triple negative breast cancer and funds TNBC research.

  • Application process

    Application process: All applicants must submit the UK HealthCare Music Therapy Internship application, college transcripts, resume and two letters of recommendation. It is recommended that one letter be from a professor and one from someone who has knowledge of your therapeutic abilities. On-site interviews will be scheduled for those applicants who are selected as possible interns. Interviews via Skype may be considered for long-distance applicants.

    Start dates and deadlines: We have four start dates across the year, in January, April, July and October. Applications are due June 1 for January and April start dates. Applications are due December 1 for July and October start dates.

    Acceptance: During the interview process, each applicant will be given a timeline for acceptance. Accepted applicants will be notified via email or phone and given one week to accept or decline the internship.

    • About the internship

      Internship hours: All interns will be required to complete a minimum of 1,020 hours. The 1,020 hours will be completed across six months with additional hours as needed to meet competency requirements. Any special activities directly connected to the field of music therapy and completed during internship may apply toward internship hours, such as attending a conference or shadowing local music therapists.

      Time off: Because the internship is calculated by hours, all missed time must be made up. Activities deemed to be music therapy-related by the Clinical Training Director count as internship hours. Completion of 1,020 hours across six months allows for approximately five days for vacation and/or sick leave.

      Schedule: Internship hours will primarily be from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Internship duties may rarely require some evening and weekend hours. Interns will be required to track their own hours.

      Each intern is required to complete the following:

      • Observe, co-lead and lead sessions as appropriate.
      • Attend assigned meetings and presentations.
      • Maintain all documentation as required.
      • Participate in weekly supervision meetings and competencies evaluation.
      • Participate in clinical supervision.
      • Maintain a collection of appropriate songs, activities and related materials for each population. 
      • Give at least one presentation.
      • Complete one patient care case study.
      • Complete one individualized project. This project will be determined in consultation with the internship director and may consist of a research project, establishing services in a new area, creating a resource appropriate to the program or other. 
      • Maintain all communication, documentation, and/or administrative procedures set forth by the student’s educational director.
      • Complete other tasks/assignments as assigned based on student/program needs.