Music Therapy

Music therapy is a healthcare practice that uses music-based practices to help improve your overall well-being.

Medical music therapy can enhance quality of life, increase self-awareness, and prevent or manage a range of physical and emotional symptoms through the use of live music and interactions with the music therapist. Our board-certified music therapists address physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual needs of people of all ages.

We use a wide variety of music depending on our patients’ preference and needs. No musical experience or background is necessary to participate in a music therapy session. Our repertoire includes country, rock, bluegrass, folk, musicals, gospel, jazz and more.

What are the benefits of music therapy?

Music therapists use the characteristics and elements of music to reduce pain, anxiety, agitation and stress; decrease any confusion; improve communication, self-expression and coping skills; enhance quality of life and spiritual comfort; increase a sense of control; provide socialization and stimulation; increase relaxation and overall wellness; elevate mood; and improve perception of treatment.

For more information on music therapy please see the website of the American Music Therapy Association at

What happens during a music therapy session?

Music therapy sessions typically occur in your room, where the music therapist may sing and play guitar or other instruments.

You and your family are encouraged to engage in music making, or you may choose to just listen. No musical experience is required to participate in music therapy. Music is provided as part of other therapy treatments or as a therapy treatment of its own.

Music alone is the therapy in many instances, such as a hymn providing spiritual comfort, a favorite song as distraction from pain or when music is used to calm agitation.

Other times, music is used within therapy, such as discussing song lyrics, reminiscing about memories elicited by songs or playing an instrument to enhance physical rehabilitation.

Common music therapy techniques include: lyric analysis; songwriting; playing instruments; guided imagery or visualization; progressive muscle relaxation; distraction; counseling; and life review.

How do I receive music therapy at UK HealthCare?

Music therapy is offered per doctors’ orders to inpatients at UK HealthCare. Patients may ask their physicians to place an order for the service. 

For more information about the Creative Arts Therapies Department, please email or call 859-323-4325 (HEAL). 

Meet us

Cheryl Benze, MME, MT-BC, Creative Arts Clinical Coordinator

Cheryl is a board certified music therapist with degrees in Music therapy and Psychology. In addition, she has completed advance training in Neurological Music Therapy, Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Level 1 and NICU Music Therapy.

An experienced clinician, Cheryl has provided music therapy to a wide variety of populations from early intervention to hospice. Her experience includes work with Duke University Medical Center Heart and Cancer Centers, Duke Hospice, Habersham Medical Center, and Warren Memorial Hospital. Cheryl has presented in workshops for music therapy conferences, professional and medical organizations, caregiver and community organizations. She served as President of the Southeast Region of the American Music Therapy Association and currently sits on the AMTA  Assembly of Delegates.

Courtney Catron, MT-BC

Courtney is a part-time music therapist at UKHC. She received her undergraduate degree from UK and is completing the master’s degree. She completed her internship at UKHC.  She has been practicing music therapy since 2018, working with medical care, hospice, intellectual disability and early intervention.

Amelia Ehmling, MM, MT-BC, NICU-MT

Amelia is a board certified music therapist who provides services for the Kentucky Children’s Hospital, including the NICU, PICU, and NACU. Originally from Nashville, TN, she received her Bachelor of Music Therapy degree at the University of Louisville and her Master’s in music therapy at UK. She completed her internship at UKHealthCare. 

Katrina Koszczuk, MM, MT-BC, NMT-Fellow

Katrina joined the UK HealthCare team in 2018. Her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy is from Illinois State University and her Master of Music in Music Therapy is from Colorado State University, where she also completed NMT training and later became an NMT Fellow. Since 2008, Katrina has gained clinical experience with autism, pervasive developmental disabilities, neurological impairment, behavioral health, and inpatient rehabilitation populations. Her greatest passions are providing efficacious MT services and lifelong learning.

Grace Lauzon, MM, MT-BC

Grace is a board-certified music therapist serving the patients of UKHC Good Samaritan Hospital, joining the team in 2022. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music performance (voice) and her master’s degree in music therapy from the University of Kentucky. In addition, she holds NICU music therapy and LGBTQAI+ Safe Zone training certifications. Grace has a wide array of clinical experience in private practice and outpatient settings including community centers, assisted living, skilled nursing, and education. Her experience working in the disability community has heavily influenced her philosophy of creating accessible therapeutic services for people of all abilities and backgrounds

Jennifer Jarred Peyton, MM, MT-BC, NICU-MT

Jennifer is a board certified music therapist who has been practicing since 2003. She received her Bachelor of Music Education from Louisiana State University and the Master of Music in Music Therapy from Florida State University. She helped create the National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy, which provides the NICU-MT certification, and she is a NICU-MT Fellow. Jennifer has worked in medical, hospice, rehabilitation, and psychiatric settings and joined UKHC in 2014. While most of her clinical time is spent in Markey Cancer Center, she is also passionate about her role as the internship director at UKHC. She regularly presents at national and regional conferences, has contributed to numerous music therapy publications, and serves on the AMTA Competency Review Task Force.

Nora Bryant Veblen, MM, MT-BC

Nora is a part‐time music therapist at UKHC. She earned both her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in music therapy at the University of Kentucky, and she completed the internship at UKHC. She worked at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital prior to returning to UKHC. She has a wide variety of experience, including work in schools, day centers, early childhood centers and hospitals, as well as in private practice with populations of all ages.


At UK HealthCare, music therapy is part of Integrative Medicine & Health and is closely affiliated with the UK Arts in HealthCare program. Learn about the music therapy internship.

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