Why choose UK HealthCare for your digestive health?

Digestive health is often taken for granted until that day when something goes awry. Whether you’re suffering from a minor issue like heartburn or constipation, or something serious like cirrhosis or pancreatic cancer, the UK Digestive Health Program is here for all your needs.

We have the largest team of gastroenterologists and surgeons in Kentucky, and we are committed to providing the most advanced treatment available.

Why choose UK HealthCare for your digestive health?

US News & World Report High Performing Hospitals 2022-23 emblem - Gastroenterology & GI SurgeryThe UK Digestive Health Program provides leading-edge medical care in a caring environment. Our physicians may be nationally recognized for their clinical research, but they’re also concerned about making sure their patients get the best care possible. Whether you’re visiting our clinics in Lexington, Cynthiana or Mount Vernon, our providers will take your concerns seriously.

Digestive health & gastroenterological specialists

Your digestive system is responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients and ridding your body of waste. The digestive system starts in your mouth and runs from your esophagus to your stomach to your intestines to your anus — i.e., your gastrointestinal, or GI, tract. Your liver, pancreas and gallbladder are also part of the digestive system. When one part stops working the way it’s supposed to, ripple effects often occur throughout the digestive system.

Learn about the services available at the UK Digestive Health Program, including: