Digestive Health Conditions

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The digestive system plays a crucial role in the body by converting food into energy, but it can be easy to overlook until pain or dysfunction occurs. When that happens, it can turn life upside down, disrupting diet and sleep and limiting your ability to work, perform everyday tasks at home, or enjoy favorite activities.

Digestive health conditions are diverse. They affect a variety of organs and structures involved in digestion, with varying symptoms. That’s why it’s important to seek care from experts who diagnose and treat these conditions every day.

The team at the UK Digestive Health Program can diagnose and treat the gamut of digestive health conditions. Our gastroenterologists and other experts use leading-edge diagnostic tests, such as pill-size video capsule endoscopy, to pinpoint the cause of symptoms, and offer proven treatments to help you find relief. Best of all, our team cares for patients with compassion and recognizes that each person has unique goals, abilities and circumstances.

Why choose UK HealthCare for Digestive Health Conditions?

The UK HealthCare gastroenterology team is the largest in Kentucky, and that allows us to offer disease-specific clinics for heartburn, IBD, hepatitis C and therapeutic endoscopy. We are committed to collaborative, multidisciplinary care, which means you’ll work with a gastroenterologist, your primary care provider and other specialists, as necessary, to receive the most effective management.

The UK Digestive Health Program features nationally recognized experts who use the latest diagnostic tests and treatments. They are also shaping the future of digestive healthcare by conducting research that will enhance our understanding of digestive conditions and how to treat them.


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