Food and digestive issues

People with diagnosed or suspected digestive conditions often have to make changes to their diet. This dietary change could be something simple — for example, eliminating a specific food for a food allergy — or it could be a complex process that requires extensive planning and affects every meal you eat.

We’re here to help.

In addition to the physicians, physician extenders and nurses you see each time you visit your provider, the UK Digestive Health Program includes a team of dietitians. These experts in food and nutrition are available to provide patients — even those with extremely complex digestive disorders — with specific dietary guidance that can:

  • Address undesired weight loss
  • Identify and correct deficiencies in nutrition
  • Identify and reduce exposure to trigger foods
  • Improve digestive function through diet
  • Increase your appetite

The dietitians with the UK Digestive Health Program can personalize dietary plans to match your digestive condition and food preferences so the plan is something you can adhere to long-term.

Specific diets

Some patients with digestive issues don’t require a personalized plan, but instead use a set of condition-specific dietary recommendations.


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