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UK HealthCast: Twilight Children's Clinic with Drs. Gottschalk and Steltenkamp

Drs. Gottschalk and Steltenkamp

/ by UK HealthCare

UK HealthCast is a podcast series featuring interviews with UK HealthCare experts on a variety of health-related topics, from how to recognize stroke symptoms to what patients need to know about clinical trials and more.

This week’s UK HealthCast features Dr. Ginny Gottschalk, Medical Director of Family and Community Medicine at UK HealthCare – Turfland; and Dr. Carol Steltenkamp, External Chief Medical Officer at UK HealthCare. During the podcast, Drs. Gottschalk and Steltenkamp discuss the UK Twilight Children’s Clinic, now in its 25th year with a new location at Turfland – available for both telecare visits or safe in-person care: 

“The Twilight Children’s Clinic is a pediatric specific clinic for after hours urgent care because we all know children don’t get sick when it’s convenient,” said Dr. Steltenkamp. “This year marks it’s 25th year and we have a new location with our colleagues out at Turfland Clinic. And that’s why we’re very excited about it."

“We offer a variety of services for acute illnesses and injuries. So, if your child has developed a fever, if they are complaining of sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, any of the routine sicknesses that we see in children commonly as well as injuries. If they’ve had a fall, maybe a sports injury with a sprained ankle. We can also take care of those here. We do have radiology on-site. So, x-rays can be taken while you wait after seeing your provider,” said Dr. Gottschalk. It’s really very exciting because we’re being able to take the Twilight Children’s Clinic and move it in with the Urgent Care Center…so that we have pediatric providers alongside their family medicine and family community medicine providers – so, we are able to see all ages.” 

“At UK Healthcare, our goal is to be the healthcare provider for all Kentuckians,” said Dr. Steltenkamp. “It is absolutely mandatory that we cannot postpone our necessary care in light of the pandemic. We’re doing everything that we can to keep our patients safe so that we can provide the best care for them when they need it, where they need it – whether that’s in their own home through telehealth, whether that’s in one of our Urgent Clinics or our Emergency Room or if it’s in a regular scheduled clinic appointment.”

Listen to the full podcast with Drs. Gottschalk and Steltenkamp:

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