UK HealthCast: Adolescent Telemedicine with Dr. Mandakini Sadhir and Alissa Briggs, PhD

Drs. Sadhir and Briggs

UK HealthCast is a podcast featuring interviews with UK HealthCare experts on a variety of health-related topics, from how to recognize stroke symptoms to what patients need to know about clinical trials and more. 

On this week’s episode, Dr. Mandakini Sadhir, MD, FAAP, and psychologist Alissa Briggs, PhD, discuss adolescent telemedicine at Kentucky Children’s Hospital and how we can help our teens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our goal in Adolescent Medicine is to be there for teens and make sure we address their unique needs through our team approach and that addresses not just their physical but as well as their mental health as well,” said Dr. Sadhir.

“We have a secure account and actually we have somebody in our office who is a technological wizard with it, and he has set up an entire virtual clinic. So, when the teen comes in for a Telemedicine session, they are greeted by a registration person just like they would be in the clinic. That registration person gets them registered and either sends them into a virtual waiting room or sends them to me directly with a provider if they are ready,” said Dr. Briggs.

"With Telecare, we are here, and we would love to be able to be a resource for our teenagers as well as parents,” said Dr. Sadhir.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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