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Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital

Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital are presented six times a year by the UK Program for Bioethics in coordination with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. These rounds are facilitated by Ashwin Krishna and championed by Joey Burke and John D'Orazio.

Schwartz Rounds are also offered at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital.

  • Fall 2018 Season

    Friday, August 3

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-263 Auditorium

    E Pluribus Unum: Diverse Voices in Healthcare

    Panelists: Alan Ruiz, RN, BSN; Isra Froukh; Sylvia Ofei, MD, MPH; Nancy Hernandez; and Mark Dunn, M.Div.

    Friday, October 5

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-463 Auditorium

    New Space - Old Challenges

    Panelists: Alice Carpenter, RN, BSN; Ashlee Olson, CCLS; Kathryn Perry, M.Div.; Tim Roark, MHA, RRT-NPS; and Rucha Shukla, MD

    Friday, December 7

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-463 Auditorium



  • Spring 2019

    Mark your calendar for our Spring 2019 season!

    Friday, February 1          
    Friday, April 5                     
    Friday, June 7

  • Planning Committee

    Planning Committee

    If you have a case you would like to suggest for Schwartz Rounds™ at Kentucky Children's Hospital, please feel free to speak with a member of the planning committee.

    • Becky Yarrison
    • Kim Browning
    • Joey Burke
    • John D'Orazio
    • Ashwin Krishna
    • Tiffany Roland
    • Rachel O'Farrell
    • Christie Young
    • Horacio Zaglul
    • Margaret Pisacano
    • Katie Smallwood
    • Nima Desai
    • Audrey Karbon
    • Megan Hall
    • Christine Ross
    • Anna Bullard
    • Alex Patterson
  • Archives


    Spring 2018

    • February 2: "Growing Up ICU" with panelists Jennifer Donselman, RN: Katherine Neal, RN; Trudi Tolle, RN; and Alison Slone, MD
    • April 6: "They Grow Up so Fast: Transitions to Adult Care" with panelists Kayla Boggs, PT; Sammie Cappetto, MD; and Krishna Pancham, MD
    • June 1: "A Whole New World: How Do We Protect from Something We Don't Know?" with panelists Michael Wittkamp, MD; Anna Bullard, MSW, CSW; Bailee Oliver, RN, BSN; and Shawn Sorrell, MD

    Fall 2017

    • August 4: "It's Always Darkest before It Goes Pitch Black" with panelists Kaylon Walton, RN; Gretchen McDowell, RRT; Christy Mingey, RN; and Lindsay Ragsdale, MD
    • October 6: "Turning Heartbreak into Hope: The Reality of Organ Donation" with panelists Carrie Ayers, RN; Samantha Cappetto, MD; Zaki Hassan, MD; and David Dyer, RN
    • December 1: "Hanging on Together: New Twists in Orthopedics" with panelists Ryan Muchow, MD; Sarah McAlister, CCLS; Sandy Roberts, NCT; and Anna Gayle Parke, DNP, RN


    Spring 2017

    • February 3: "This Is Not Why I Went into Medicine: A Case of Compassion Fatigue" with panelists Carol Castle, RN, BSN; Vlad Radulescu, MD; and Kara Gore, LCSW
    • April 7: "What If...? x 5" with panelists Sarah Moore, RD, LD; Kelsey Montgomery, DO, MHA; Sharon Wilham, RN, BSN; Brendan Richardson, PA-C; and Augustine Chapin, RN, BSN
    • June 2: "Meeting Kids Where They Are" with panelists Erich Maul, DO, MPH; Brad Gee; Bridgett Hagan, RD, LD; and Terrance Langford

    Fall 2016

    • August 5: "The Story of Art in Unexpected Loss" with panelists Megan Thompson, DO; Courtney Emery, M.Ed.; Tom Badgett, MD, PhD; and Cambo the Clown
    • October 7: "When Treating Feels more like Parenting: The Consequences of Non-compliance" with panelists Bailee Oliver, RN; Ashley Rapske, CCLS; Jamshed Kanga, MD; and Richard Broaddus, RRT
    • December 2: "Leap of Faith off the ECMO Bridge to Nowhere" with panelists Jessy Rushing, MM, MT-BC; Asha Shenoi, MD; Tiffany Roland, PT, DPT; and Katie Dornbusch, RN, BSN


    Spring 2016

    • February 5: "When Is Enough, Enough?" with panelists Matt Bacon, MD; Dianna Holtzhauer, RN; and Emily McKinney, RN
    • April 1: "When We Can't Give Meaning to Loss" with panelists Enrique Gomez Pomar, MD; Annamaria Gregory, PA-C; Carli Holtzhauer; and David Dyer, RN
    • June 3: "When Indulgence Becomes Neglect" with panelists Leslie Aslam, MD; Meg Halstead, MS, CCLS; Nicki Mundell, RN, BSN; and Michael Wittkamp, MD

    Fall 2015

    • August 7: "If I Knew Then, What I Know Now..." with panelists Alice Carpenter, RN; T.J. Lile, MD; Dianna Holtzhauer, RN; and Ana Ruzic, MD
    • October 2: "Persistent Hope Translates in Every Culture" with panelists Alex Huffman, RN; Alba Morales, MD; and Aftab Chishti, MD
    • December 4: "Is This New to You?: Transgender Identity and Drug Use in Adolescence" with panelists Jessy Rushing, MM, MT-BC; Alan Hall, MD; Jordyn Griffin, MD; and Cori Morgan, RN


    Spring 2015

    • February 6: "Breathing in the Fresh Air: Expanding your Comfort Zone" with panelists Angie Henning, PT; Michael Wittkamp, MD; and Kathleen Yoder, RN
    • April 3: "A Sore Subject: Complexity, Intensity and the Emotional Toll on the Provider" with panelists Joelle Paulozzi, DO; Kevin Pinto, RN; Lauren Vincent, RN; and Julie Elder, RN
    • June 5: "Fighting Despite Adversity: A Brief Life that Made a Deep Impression" with panelists Nima Desai, MD; Katie Adams, MSW; Anna Bullard, MSW; Whitney Hammond, PA-C; and Audrey Karbon, RN

    Fall 2014 

    • August 1: "When It's Not Just Work" with panelists Tom Young, MD; Nina Farhoudi, PharmD; Kevin Pinto, RN; Barbara Waldmann-Ward, RN; and Melissa Horn, RN
    • October 3: "At the Crossroads of Faith and Medicine" with panelists Akshay Sharma, MBBS; Dianna Holtzhauer, RN; and M. Sara Rosenthal, PhD
    • December 5: "Behind the Scenes Connections: Valuable Contributions" with panelists Rose Moreland, CPC; Angel Tur, CMI; Melissa Kesler, MD; Barbara Thies, Ed Richer, MD; and Latoya Hill


    Spring 2014 

    • February 7: "How Did You Get Here and Why Do You Stay?" with panelists Sean McTigue, MD; Trinaye Pierson, RN; Meg Halstead, CCLS; Anil George, MD; and Gloria Samaan, NCT
    • April 4: "When Kidneys + Care ≠ Hope" with panelists Aftab Chishti, MD; Jane Anne Smith, APRN; and Leighnia Nance, RN
    • June 6: "Food Fight: When It Feels Like There Is No Way to Win" with panelists Lindsay Ragsdale, MD; Megan White, MD; and Amy Parrish, RD

    Fall 2013 

    • August 2: “Raising a Patient: Caring for Extended-Stay Babies” with panelists Mary Smith, Sean Skinner and Tria Kinnard
    • October 4: “Live, Love, Laugh and Carry On” with panelists Jamshed Kanga, MD; Lisa Butcher, RN, BSN; and Karen Howard, RN
    • December 6: “An Adult Dying in a Children’s Hospital” with panelists Andrea Nichols, RN; Lars Wagner, MD; Rachel O’Farrell, LCSW; and Renee Rainey, RN


    Spring 2013 

    • February 1: “A Patient's Anger, A Family's Struggle: Diving Accident Leads to Disability” with panelists Jordan Heflin, Kristin Dawson and Tiffany Roland
    • April 10: “Caring in the Setting of Tragedy” with panelists Jay Fulton, Jessica Lawrence and Joe Iocono, MD
    • June 7: “How Could They Do That? Responding to a Case of Severe Neglect “ with panelists Jaime Pittenger, Meg Gampher, and Stephanie Durbin

    Fall 2012 

    • September 12: “One in a Million (White Cells): A Medically and Socially Challenging Patient” with panelists Amy Brin, Holly Chitwood and Sherry Bayliff
    • December 7: “Mirror, Mirror: Intravenous Drug Use in Adolescents” with panelists Goutham Hebbalmath, Jason Joy, Karen Lommel and Madeline Ray