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Schwartz Rounds™ at Good Samaritan Hospital

Schwartz Rounds™ at UK Good Samaritan Hospital are presented six times a year by the UK Program for Bioethics in coordination with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. These rounds are facilitated by Stephen Summers and championed by Celia Castellanos and Donna Lane.

Schwartz Rounds are also offered at Kentucky Children's Hospital and UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital.

  • Fall 2021 Season

    Monday, August 16

    Noon-1 p.m., Zoom meeting 

    Compassionate Care Crosses Multiple Disciplines (This is a combined KCH-GSH Schwartz Rounds)

    Panelists: Caleigh Osborne, CCLS; Taylor Slone, CTRS; Brian Taylor, BSN, RN; and Spencer Black, MD

    Monday, October 18   

    Noon-1 p.m., Zoom meeting



    Monday, December 20

    Noon-1 p.m., Zoom meeting



  • Spring 2022

    Mark your calendar for our Spring 2022 season!

    Monday, February 21          
    Monday, April 18     
    Monday, June 20

  • Planning Committee

    If you have a case you would like to suggest for Schwartz Rounds at UK Good Samaritan Hospital, please feel free to speak with a member of the Planning Committee (listed below).

    • Celia Castellanos
    • Donna Lane
    • Stephen Summers
    • Karen Gaible-Carroll
    • Jessica Tackett
    • Glenn Evans
    • Marilia Dias-Campbell
    • Deana Ward
    • Caitlin Reams
    • Todd Callihan
    • Savanna Carroll
    • Katie Maddy
    • Seth Curtis
    • Joey Burke
  • Archives


    Spring 2021

    • February 15: "Questions without Answers" with panelists Bethany Godby-Heck, PharmD, BCPS; Donna Lane, MSN, RN; Tiffany Clark, BSN, RN; and Amie Rainwater, BSN, RN
    • April 19: "When Compassionate Exceptions Are Needed" with panelists Mandi Martin, DNP, RN, NE-BC; Whitney Darbyshire, MHA; and Seth Curtis, MSN, RN

    Fall 2020

    • August 17: "Who Decides What's Essential and What's Not?" with panelists Alex Scroggins, MSW, CSW; Deana Ward, MS, OTR/L; and William Fuller, MD
    • October 19: "When You Need to Clone Yourself: Juggling Extra Jobs During COVID" with panelists Crystal Ard, BSN, RN; Kimberly Browning, MPH; Todd Callihan, PA-C; La'Tonya Hocker, MSW, CSW; and Caitlin Reams, PT, DPT
    • December 14: "Celebrating our Colleagues who Spread Holiday Cheer" with panelists Deana Ward, MS, OTR/L; Alina Kennedy, CTRS; and Savanna Carroll, BSN, RN-BC


    Spring 2020

    • February 17: "The Ones You Take Home" with panelists Hannah Johnson, PharmD; Julie Kropf, OTR/L; Natalya Means, MHA; and Alina Kennedy, CTRS
    • April and June events in 2020 were cancelled due to COVID-19.

    Fall 2019

    • August 19: "Risking her Life to Smoke: Challenges of a Patient Refusing Care" with panelists Keegan Chase, BSN, RN-BC; Lynda Eckhardt, PharmD, MBA; and Gwynne Turney, RN, ADN
    • October 21: "Life on the Other Side of the Bed" with panelists Deana Ward, MS, OTR/L; Brandi Browning, RN, BSN; and Pearl Buehner, RN, BSN
    • December 16: "Happiness and Sadness over the Holidays" with panelists Savanna Carroll, BSN, RN-BC; Susan Summerville, RN, CM; and Robbie Huellemeier, PT, DPT


    Spring 2019

    • February 18: "Did They Really Say That?: Causing Providers to Question Themselves and Each Other" with panelists La'Tonya Hocker, MSW, CSW; Tushi Singh, MD; and Jamie Cross, RN, MSN
    • April 15: "How Do We Help a Patient who Won't Help Himself?" with panelists Jessica Tackett, PharmD, BCPS; Jennifer Walker, DNP, APRN, RN, LDE; Dustin Heath, M.Div.; William Foley, MD; and Dawn Atkinson, RN, MSN
    • June 17: "You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here" with panelists Samantha Brown, PTA; Alex Scroggins, MSW, CSW; and Anthony Bonds, NCT

    Fall 2018

    • August 20: "The Policy Says No and the Heart Says Yes" with panelists Tanina Bishop, NCT; Shannah Click, RN, BSN; Utokia Smith, PCA; and James Blankenbeker, M.Div., BCC
    • October 15: "'I Kissed Him Before He Left for Work in the Morning': The Difficulty of Accepting a Life-Changing Injury" with Jarrod Dotson, OTR/L; Ivan Saraiva, MD; and Amanda Contreras, RN
    • December 17: "It's Hard to Say Goodbye: Patients who Brighten your Day" with panelists Caitlin Reams, PT, DPT; Wayne Marshall; and Todd Callihan, PA-C


    Spring 2018

    • February 19: "Using Available Services to Go Beyond the Medical Needs of a Patient" with panelists Audra Earls, CTRS; Abner Rayapati, MD, MPH; and Jennifer Thomas, RN, BSN
    • April 16: "Needlessly Long Hospital Stays: Family Refusal of Safe Discharge Options" with panelists LaTonya Hocker, MSW, CSW; Pam Ryan, RN, BSN; and Todd Callihan, MSM, PA-C
    • June 18: "Please Don't Tell Her: When Family Requests that You Withhold Information from your Patient" with panelists Amber Paul, RN, BSN; Stephanie Leung, MD; Belinda Blair, APRN; and Caroline Buchanan, PhD

    Fall 2017

    • August 21: "In Limbo: Endeavoring to Provide the Best Care while Waiting for Order Clarification" with panelists Jennifer Mazza, PT; Pomaikai Smith, RN; and Amir Kaldas, MD
    • October 16: "Reflecting on the Whole Person" with panelists Caitlin Reams, PT, DPT; Shannah Click, RN, BSN; and Jeremy Brown, RN, BSN
    • December 18: "Responding to Challenges Behind the Scenes" with panelists Theresa Ray; Pam Ryan, RN, BSN; and Kitty Orth


    SPRING 2017

    • February 20: "Out of Time, Out of Energy: The Stress of Caring All the Time" with panelists Alan Hendren, RN; Theresa Crossley, RN; and Wendy Gravitt, RN
    • April 17: "When Care Is Rejected" with panelists J.D. Gentry, MD; Donna Lane, RN, BSN; Melissa Begley, BA; and Rita Bailey, BSN, RN-BC
    • June 19: "Can a Little Go a Long Way?" with panelists Robbie Huellemeier, PT, DPT; Jo Ann Maddox, RN; Cathy DePriest, RRT; and Saurav Suman, MD

    FALL 2016

    • August 15: "Always Evolving: Changing Times at Good Sam" with panelists Norma Hatton; Lisa Thornsberry, RN, MSN; and Carrie Taylor
    • October 17: "I'm Back: When Chronic Illness Requires Repeated Visits to the Hospital" with panelists Jamie May, NCT; Amanda Contreras, RN; and Daniel Weaver, MD
    • December 19: "Complex Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Bariatric Patients" with panelists Robbie Huellemeier, PT, DPT; Trina Shelby, RN; Mudita Arora, MSc, MS, RD, LD; and William Foley, MD


    SPRING 2016

    • February 15: "No Win Situations: Patients with Challenging Behaviors" with panelists Anthony Bonds, NCT; Elizabeth Smith, PA-C; Kayla Stump, RN; and Lt. Greg Hall
    • April 26: "Lions and Tigers and Stress, Oh My: Caring Through the Challenges" with panelists David Frederick; Celia Castellanos, MD; and Glenn Evans, RN, MSN
    • June 20: "Waking Up from Catatonia" with panelists Abner Rayapati, MD, MPH; Barbara Delmonico, LCSW; and Karen Walling, RN

    FALL 2015

    • August 17: "Law and Disorder: Arrest and Addiction among Patients and their Visitors" with panelists Jamie Cross, RN; C. Randy Jones, MD; and Erica Reide, NCT
    • October 19: "Same Day Bounce Back: Placing a Patient with Difficult Behaviors" with panelists Jason Groth, PA-C; Jessica Loar, MSW, CSW; Lauren Marasa, MD; and Cynthia Ison, RN


    SPRING 2015

    • April 20: "Helping a Special Patient Find her Way" with panelists Marla Nicodemus, NCT; Bruce Bradley, MD; and Justin Honaker, RN
    • June 15: "Where's the Line?: Patients Who Are Out of Options" with panelists Marie Garrett, MSW, CSW; Jennifer Barnes, RN, BSN; and Korinne Callihan, RN, MSN, CHPN

    FALL 2014 

    • October 17: "System Shutdown: Caring for Patients Who Have Fallen Through The Cracks" with panelists Preetham Talari, MBBS; Kim Lowry, RN, BSN; Reginald Owsley, NCT; and Kathy Clark, MSW, CSW
    • December 15: "When Patients Break the Rules..." with panelists Paula Holbrook, RN, JD; Jagriti Chadha, MD, MPH; and Sherry Rankin, RN