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Schwartz Rounds™ at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital

Schwartz Rounds™ at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital are presented six times per year by the UK Program for Bioethics in coordination with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. These rounds are facilitated by Natalie Houghton and championed by Romil Chadha and Debra Gleason.

Schwartz Rounds are also offered at Kentucky Children's Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital.

  • Fall 2018 Season

    Monday, July 16

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-263 Auditorium

    Distraught Family in Tense Moments

    Panelists: Logan Lloyd, M.Div., BCC; Micah Gallas, APRN; Holley Ashley, RN, BSN; and Pep Peppiatt, MD

    Monday, September 17

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-263 Auditorium

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Living or Dying with Heart Failure

    Panelists: Sarah Bond, NP; Liz Markus, MD; and Abbie Latimer, LCSW 

    Monday, November 19

    Noon-1 p.m., MN-263 Auditorium



  • Spring 2019

    Mark your calendar for our Spring 2019 season!

    Monday, January 28          
    Monday, March 18          
    Monday, May 20

  • Planning Committee

    If you have a case you would like to suggest for Schwartz Rounds at Chandler Hospital, please feel free to speak with a member of the planning committee.

    • Becky Yarrison
    • Kim Browning
    • Romil Chadha
    • Natalie Houghton
    • Debra Gleason
    • Jim McCormick
    • Logan Lloyd
    • Lola Thomason         
    • Linda Clements
    • Abbie Latimer 
    • Christie Young
    • Heidi Frazier
    • Liz Bertram
    • Margaret Pisacano
    • Donna Ricketts
  • Archives


    Spring 2018

    • January 22: "How Do We Keep our People Safe?" with panelists Mohsin Salih, MD; Wendy DeLautre, RN; Bryan Bankey; and Garett Davies, NCT
    • March 19: "There's More to the Story: Beliefs, Values, Family Strife, and Medicine" with panelists Abbie Latimer, LCSW; Kathryn Perry, MDiv; Mohammed Alomar; and Anil Gopinath, MD
    • May 21: "When Caring Doesn't Stop After Death: Preparing for Organ Donation" with panelists Jordan Cox (KODA); Paige Williams, RN, BSN; and Vedant Gupta, MD

    Fall 2017

    • July 17: "Quality of Life: Who Decides?" with panelists Prerna Dogra, MD; Abbie Latimer, LCSW; Mark Dunn, MDiv; and Crystal Ratliff, BSN, RN
    • September 18: "Caring for Our Own" with panelists Melissa Thompson Bastin, PharmD, BCPS; Matt Proud, RN; Kristin Fletcher, MD; and Ashley Montgomery-Yates, MD
    • November 20: "The Miracle of a New Heart" with panelists Donna Dennis, RN, BSN; Navin Rajagopalan, MD; Angie Henning, PT; and Cayla Hardesty, RN, BSN


    Spring 2017

    • January 23: "Providing Good Care for People who Have Done Bad Things" with panelists April Dunaway, RN, BSN, CEN; Michael Ruhe, EMT-P, FP-C, CRT; Ashley Jackson, RN, BSN; and Jacob Shopp, MD, MS
    • March 20: "The Patients that Stick with You" with panelists Penny Gilbert, MSN, MBA, RN; Stephen Grupke, MD; Colleen Swartz, DNP, MBA, RN; and C. Randy Jones, MD
    • May 15: "Why I Help: Caregivers who Share their Talents in Distant Lands" with panelists Corinna Hughes, RN, BSN; Mike Anstead, MD, FCCP; Scott Kincaid, PharmD, BCPS; and Elizabeth Siereveld, PT, DPT

    Fall 2016

    • July 18: "When Chronic Care Becomes End of Life Care" with panelists Susanne Arnold, MD; Diana Hultgren, MDiv; and Anita Wells, RN
    • September 19: "Bottlenecks in Care: Systems Issues that Challenge Us" with panelists Keith Sparks, RN; Glen White; Paula Bailey, MD; and Penny Greenwell, RN
    • November 21: "Miracles Do Happen: You Didn't Think your Patient Would Make it" with panelists William Lippert, MD, MPH; Barbara Krebs, MSW, CSW; Sarah Campbell, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S; and Ashley Cross, RN, BSN


    Spring 2016

    • January 25: "When You Are Prevented from Providing Compassionate Care" with panelists Ashley Montgomery, MD; Aaron Harris, RN; and Allison Johnson, PT
    • March 21: "Supporting Each Other After the Loss of a Team Member" with panelists Christopher Doty, MD; Julie Derringer, RN, BSN; Joe Alverson, MDiv, BCC; and Karen Lommel, DO, MHA
    • May 16: "Caring for a Prisoner Handcuffed by Red Tape" with panelists Anna Bullard, MSW, CSW; Anita Taylor, RNC-OB; and Karen Playforth, MD

    Fall 2015

    • July 20: "Can I Keep my Baby?": Pregnant Patients who Engage in Risky Behaviors" with panelists Nicole Leedy, MD; Mary Edinger, MSW, CSW; and Anita Taylor, RNC-OB
    • September 21: "Mama Won't Be Coming Home: Heartbreaking Conversations with Children" with panelists John Romond, MD; Stacy Frederick, APRN; Laura Fanucchi, MD, MPH; Shannon King, RN, BSN; and Ruby Chang, MS4
    • November 16: "Caring Beyond the Bedside" with panelists Sharon Worthy, Richie Clements, Ginger Hager, Terry Florence, Ashley Robinson, and Jonathan Howard


    Spring 2015

    • January 26: "Encounters of Another Dimension: Family and Other Visitors" with panelists Meredith Pritchett, MSSW, CSW; Karen Lommel, DO, MHA; Cecelia Yeary; and Faithe Warren-Agee, RN
    • March 16: "A Difficult Code: Aftermath of a Code Blue" with panelists Carrie Gaby, MD; Andrea Kohlman, RN, BSN; Sherry Kopser, RN, BSN; and Anne Sayers, MD
    • May 18: "Fatigue: Did You Hit a Bunny on the Way Home?" with panelists Chuck Sargent, MD, and Jay Fulton, MDiv, MA, BCC

    Fall 2014 

    • July 21: "When Care Becomes Personal: Family, Friends, or Yourself as the Patient" with panelists Janine Lindgreen, APRN; Kevin Bauereis, MD; and Julie Chi, RRT 
    • September 15: "A Comfortable Death: When Compassion Meets Throughput" with panelists Heather Mills, RN; Jill Jackson, RN; and Gerald Klim, DO 
    • November 17: "When Patients Break the Rules..." with panelists Margaret Pisacano, JD, RN; Joe Sweigart, MD; Kelly Hardin, RN; and Rhonda Doris, RN


    Spring 2014 

    • February 17: "Caring at Capacity: Caregiver Experiences with Patient Overflow" with panelists Bernard Boulanger, MD; Brandy Mathews, MSN, MHA, RN; Gayle Plank, RN; and Jay Fulton, M.Div, MA, BCC 
    • March 17: "Trying to Alleviate Suffering with Compassion: Caring for the Complex Patient" with panelists Liz Corio-Parsons, MSW, LCSW; Malay Shah, MD; and Keegan Stewart, RN
    • May 19: "Negotiating Issues of Guardianship While Trying to Provide the Best Care" with panelists Jasmine Howard, APRN, ACNP; Paula Boycott, RN, BA; and Rachel Mueller, MSW, LSW 

    Fall 2013 

    • July 15: “Caring Beyond a Lifetime: Grieving the Loss of a CF Patient” with panelists Karen Rodriguez-Cruz, Summer Davies and Mike Anstead
    • September 16: “Patience with Patients’ Families” with panelists Candy Hill, Laura Fanucchi, and Teresa Stone
    • November 18: “Short on Choices, Short on Time” with panelists Carrie Gaby, MD; Christine Ross, M.Div; and Chuck Sargent, MD


    Spring 2013 

    • March 18: “Couldn't Say Goodbye: Culture and Religion at End of Life” with panelists Charlotte Myers, Ellen Ratcliffe and Sam Bailey
    • May 13: “Broken Hearts: Caring for IVDU Patients” with panelists Aaron Bullock, Angela Bishop, and Malkanthie McCormick