If you're considering body contouring after weight loss, here are the facts

Dr. Lesley Wong

Written by Dr. Lesley Wong of the UK HealthCare Aesthetics Center.

Finally reaching your goal weight is a major accomplishment. But whether you shed those pounds through bariatric surgery or lifestyle modifications, you might notice that excess skin remains.

That’s where body contouring procedures can come in. These procedures involve removing extra skin and fat so that your body looks more defined and sculpted.

Let’s go over the facts about body contouring.

What types of body contouring procedures are available?

We are skilled in several body contouring surgeries, including:

A consultation can help us develop an individualized plan that is best for you.

Is body contouring an alternative to losing weight?

Body contouring patients have already reached their ideal weight and plan to maintain it but need extra help in reducing skin or fat in certain areas. These procedures are not designed to be a weight-loss method.

Why should I consider body contouring?

If excess skin after weight loss is causing physical discomfort, rashes or skin infections or is lowering your self-esteem, body contouring is something that you could benefit from. 

Does body contouring prevent weight gain?

While body contouring does remove or shrink fat cells, the remaining fat cells in your body can still grow and lead to weight gain.

Will there be scars?

Like many procedures, body contouring can leave scars, but our doctors will do their best to minimize their appearance.

How long do the results of body contouring last?

Body contouring can have long-lasting results if you continue to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, though you should be aware that the natural aging process will still affect your appearance.

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