Five tips to find your favorite frames

A female optician helps a female customer choose eyeglasses.

Finding a pair of glasses that fits well and looks good might feel like a daunting task. The UK Advanced Eye Care Optical Shop team is here to help you find your perfect frames. We want your next glasses buying experience to be a great one!

Make sure you have a valid prescription

Eyeglasses prescriptions usually expire after one to two years, so make sure you have a recent prescription if you are in the market for new frames. It is important to see your eye doctor regularly to keep your eyes healthy and ensure there are no underlying issues you might have missed.

The in-person advantage

Glasses are an investment. You will wear these every day, so it's important to make sure you choose the right pair. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest option and buy glasses online, but that can be risky. When you purchase glasses online, an optician is not there to check where your center of vision is, which may make your vision seem off when you wear glasses purchased online. A high prescription or a unique nose shape can exacerbate this issue.

Online retailers may require you to take your measurements, which, if not done correctly, can greatly increase your chances of not being able to see out of the glasses correctly. Going to a reputable shop for your glasses will help you avoid the frustration of returning glasses with misaligned lenses or other issues.

Look for frames that fit your face shape

Oval face shape: Look for wider frames in rectangle, square, aviator or browline shapes.

Heart face shape: Look for rectangle, round, aviator or geometric glasses.

Square face shape: Look for round, browline, cat eye, rectangle or oval frames.

Round face shape: Look for rectangle, square, round, or aviator frames.

Pear face shape: Look for browline, oval, aviator, rectangle or cat eye frames.

Diamond face shape: Look for oval, round, cat eye, or browline frames.

Consider your lifestyle

Before committing to frame and lens options, talk to a professional about your lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle, you may want to be cautious about choosing more delicate frames. Sports frames are practical and will stay secure while you are active. They are the safest option for any active individual.

You should also consider your lens material. Polycarbonate lenses polycarbonate lenses are strong, lightweight, protect your eyes from the sun, and help keep your eyes safe from accidents. 

Also keep in mind that certain upgrade options may not be best if you work in factories or hot environments.

Finding the right fit

Three specific fit requirements are needed to ensure that a frame will work cosmetically and medically.

Lens width: You don’t want frames to be too wide, and they should not be touching on the side of your head except by your ears. Make sure your pupils are centered in each lens and the frames feel comfortable on your nose.

Bridge width: Plastic frames should touch your nose with no gaps or single points of contact.

Temple length: Make sure the temples (arms) are long enough to reach well past your ears to allow for adjustments.

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