Don’t let a hand condition slow you down. The UK HealthCare Hand Center can help.

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If you have experienced a hand injury or have a hand condition, it’s vital to seek high-quality care so that you can return to the things in life you love best.

At the UK HealthCare Hand Center, we aim to provide you with just that. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of experienced orthopaedic and plastic surgeons as well as therapists who specialize in issues of the hand, wrist and forearm.

Plus, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment technology and imaging services so that you don’t have to travel elsewhere for care.

Here’s what makes the UK Hand Center the right choice for you.

What does having a multidisciplinary team mean?

It means that your care is coordinated. We’re able to pull together orthopaedics-trained hand surgeons and plastics-trained hand surgeons to work side by side.

We also have hand therapists in our facility. There’s no better way to manage a hand injury patient than to be able to talk directly with the therapist and the patient at the same time.

How does the UK Hand Center tackle more complex cases?

Every other week, we bring together all our hand surgeons and our hand surgery fellows to talk about difficult cases and share ideas. Through that, we all elevate the practice.

During these combined conferences, we might find out that someone has a different technique that could be beneficial in a certain case. It’s critical to have that kind of engagement and interaction around the care of a patient.

No other group in the region convenes group meetings with hand surgeons, hand fellows and hand therapists to discuss complex cases.

What kind of training do UK Hand Center providers undergo?

All of our providers have additional training.

The added qualification in hand surgery is a board certification beyond a provider’s primary board certification. For example, I am a board-certified plastic surgeon and a board-certified hand surgeon. This additional certification process takes about three years.

Our certified hand therapists go through a similar process. Many general physical and occupational therapists can treat hand patients, but that’s not their primary focus. There are very subtle things to know about hand surgery and hand rehab.

What sets the UK Hand Center apart?

We bring all these disciplines together so that we can provide our patients with what they need in our facility. We’re all about giving our patients the highest quality care.

Many of our patients come from two to three hours away, and they can’t travel back and forth for hand therapy. But, we can get them started with our hand therapists, and our therapists communicate with providers in their patients’ communities. That way, we can keep tabs on our patients and make sure they’re progressing like they should.


Dr. David Drake is a hand surgeon at the UK HealthCare Hand Center. Learn more about the UK HealthCare Hand Center and the services it offers by visiting our website or call 859-323-4263 to schedule an appointment.


This content was produced by UK HealthCare Brand Strategy.