Dr. Stephen Strup and his daughter Sydney Strup

Celebrating the fathers of UK HealthCare

We at UK HealthCare wish the Strups and all fathers and their children a very happy Father’s Day!

For Stephen and Sydney Strup, pursuing a career in medicine runs in the family. Dr. Stephen Strup of the UK Markey Cancer Center is the chairman of the Department of Urologic Surgery, and his 20-year-old daughter, Sydney, is a biology major at DePauw University and is working as a scribe in the UK Chandler Emergency Department.

“My daughter has always been interested in science. She’s always been interested in helping others. She’s the one who others would call if they had a cut or needed someone to look at their stitches. Heading into medicine isn’t something I’d push either of my kids into. It’s something you have to be passionate about, and she’s passionate about it. This path fits her to a T.” – Dr. Stephen Strup

“I used to follow my dad on rounds. I loved it. Ever since then, I like to tag along. He’s my role model. Everyone always asks me if I could be anyone, I’d still be him. He’s like the doctor that everyone knows about and everyone looks up to. That’s the only thing I could ever ask to be. If I could fill his shoes, that would be amazing. It would be hard to do, but I could try.” – Sydney Strup

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