UK HealthCast: Expressions of Courage and cancer survivorship

Text that reads "2024 Expressions of Courage: Celebration of Survivorship" along with an image of Joan Scales.

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Joan Scales, a licensed clinical social worker, and her team provide therapeutic support for patients as they grapple with cancer diagnoses and how it impacts their day-to-day life. 

On May 31, the UK Markey Cancer Center will host its 10th annual Expressions of Courage event, which spotlights cancer survivors and offers them a platform through which they can share their emotions and experience through artistic expression.

"We see art in all kinds of mediums," Scales said. "It could be paintings, drawings, pottery, whatever it might be. We've had people who've done readings. We've had some dancers, anything that you can do to just come and express what it is that helped get you through your cancer treatment. It's a beautiful event."

Listen to Scales discuss the valuable role her team plays in patient care and the ways Expressions of Courage helps inspire cancer survivors and their families.

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