UK HealthCare optical shops provide style and convenience

UK Optical Shop

Thanks to a dedicated roster of experienced providers, UK HealthCare’s ophthalmology services deliver patients advanced, comprehensive eye care.

With offices in Lexington on the Turfland campus and at Shriners Hospital, along with several satellite facilities throughout the state, UK HealthCare is determined to provide optimal eye care to all Kentuckians.  

We also strive to deliver convenience. In Lexington, patients can fill their prescriptions in the same location where they meet with their providers. Optical Shops at Turfland and Shriners Hospital offer wide selections of eyewear and contact lenses.         

“Having access to purchase eyewear at our Optical Shops in two different locations (Turfland & Shriners Hospital) will provide a convenience to our community. With many brands and styles to choose from, there is something for everyone,” Dr. Andrew Pearson, Chair of Ophthalmology at UK HealthCare, said. 

Even if you have a non-UK HealthCare provider, you can purchase your eyewear and contacts from UK’s Optical Shops, which accept valid prescriptions from any physician. Patients can even order contacts online through UK’s Optical Shops and have them shipped to their home.

“The Optical Shops at UK HealthCare give patients a modern and convenient location to purchase high quality products. We provide excellent customer service and complimentary adjustments and repairs on pieces sold in our shops. It is our goal to provide eyewear patients can be proud of, while they go about everyday life,” Pearson said.

UK HealthCare also works with the Lions Club to provide eyewear for people in need. You can donate your old glasses at the Optical Shops at Turfland and Shriners, where they’ll be cleaned, repaired and distributed to patients who might have trouble affording new eyewear.

You can reach UK’s Optical Shops by calling 859-323-3045 or visiting

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