Zhonglin Hao, MD Zhonglin Hao, MD, PhD

  • Co-Leader, Thoracic Oncology Program

Zhonglin Hao, MD Zhonglin Hao, MD, PhD

  • Co-Leader, Thoracic Oncology Program

A doctor and researcher, Dr. Zhonglin Hao uses latest advances to make an impact

Zhonglin Hao, MD, PhD
Making the Rounds

Meet Dr. Zhonglin Hao, a medical oncologist and this week's guest on Making the Rounds. As co-leader of the Thoracic Oncology Program at the UK Markey Cancer Center, Hao cares for patients with lung cancer. He also serves as the medical director of the Markey Cancer Center Clinical Research Office and is interested in targeting and immune therapies. We talked with Hao to learn more about his journey to becoming a doctor and researcher and what that means to him and his patients. 

What inspired you to be a doctor?

When I was small, one of my best friends suffered from eczema, and later on a doctor cured him of his condition with a simple fraction of infrared. I thought that was magic, so I knew I wanted to be a doctor.

What can patients expect when they come to Markey?

It takes a whole village to take care of a cancer patient, so we often function in a multidisciplinary team along with our surgeon colleagues and radiation oncologists. In addition, we have our colleagues from radiology, pathology, interventional pulmonology, along with other support areas, including dietitians and social workers.

What's your favorite part of your work?

My favorite part of the job is to offer clinical trials in addition to the clinical care. In the era of cognitive therapy and immunotherapy, I see an increasing number of patients leaving their appointment with a smile on their face because the treatments they're on are benign and are working, helping them fight the disease.

Watch our interview to find out more about Dr. Zhonglin Hao and the future of cancer treatment.


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